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  1. Hi Pumpkin and welcome to CAG


    Ignore the demand from Spratts. If you reply it will simply encourage them.


    1. When did you cancel the DD mandate.


    2. When did they last take a DD from you.


    3. When Harlands and CRS wrote to you demanding payments of gym fees and admin fees, did you reply to them at all.


    4. If so, what did you say to them.




    1: I cancelled the DD on 6th May 2016


    2: they last took a DD payment on the 5th May 2016


    3: No

  2. Hi CAG


    I'm sure you've had numerous threads about this


    I cancelled my DD with excercise 4 less without informing them I would be cancelling.


    I joined them on 7th September 2014 and cancelled the DD 6th May 2016, it was a 12 month contract.


    Ever since then I've been receiving letters from CSR


    today i received a letter from Spratt Edicott informing me about the debt I owe them of £186.47, and if I don't reply "may result in legal proceedings to recover the above balance unless you contact us to discuss your repayment proposals"


    Please any help will be appreciated


    Thank you in advance

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