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  1. Just to confirm the latest letters I have received have been from BWL Legal. I've been reading a few posts on here and they do seem determined to take people to county court or at least apply to them, I'm just worried. Is there anything I can do now? Thanks
  2. Happy new year all! Just to keep you updated I received another "final notice" about 2 days ago. Basically telling me I have until 17th January to pay or they will be proceeding with County Court proceedings. This must be the third "final notice" I have received. Should I ignore? I'm worrying because I'm thinking if it does go to court, what proof do I have? Will the court be in there favour? Thanks
  3. Hi, sorry for the late..ish reply. I have not heard anything back from them since starting this thread in October. When did your leagues start and finish?
  4. Also, can anybody enlighten me on the law with receiving an NTK? I have been reading forums on here which state they have to send an NTK within a certain amount of time? It was 46 days between the 'contravention date' and the issue date of the NTK.
  5. Excellent, thanks ericsbrother this is reassuring. I shall send that off tonight. To add, I received a final notice in June.. ignored it and received a further 2 letters in November. The first one being the 'photographic proof' (which I spoke of briefly in my first post) then a week later received a letter from VCS to tell me they are passing the case over to BW Legal team.. which they sent me the exact same letter in May!! Surely if they are sending a final notice in June then sending a further 2 letters in November they're just false threats right? Finally, do you believe I have a case to argue? Don't want it to reach court and not have a leg to stand on. Thanks again.
  6. Thats what I thought exactly. But, after them sending pictures to me recently, I'm assuming that the pub is not part of the 'customer parking' so the parking facilities are not open for customers of the pub, although using the pub premises to put there signs up. I believe it's very confusing and misleading. They have also put on my ticket there reasoning: parking without valid permit/ticket. There was nowhere to purchase a ticket from? It's free parking for customers.
  7. Please find attached an image of the notice located on the pub wall and an image of the first letter I received. Thanks
  8. Hi all, I was picking up a family member from a pub in February 2016. On entering the private car park, which is a small one possibly 8 spaces, there was no notice. I then noticed once inside the car park the parking notice. The notice was located on the side of the pub I was going into to pick up the family member. I must of been in there for 20-30 mins whilst he was finishing his drink. I came out to find a parking notice on my windscreen, which I ignored. I have now received a letter with photographs attached.. of my car with the date in the bottom corner and others of the notice (in broad daylight, so not taken at the time of incident 22:13) and ticket. They have also, since February added more signs which weren't there when I parked in February. I have chosen to ignore the letters, but have been reading on the forums and people have said BW Legal do go to court, so just asking for some advice before it reaches that so I'm prepared. I personally believe the signs are misleading as they have used the pubs property to put there signs on so can be confusing when they say customer parking. The only other place open at that time was domino's, how can they not prove I wasn't in there? I could of placed an order and waited in the pub? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. Hi I have previously started a new post/thread and was wondering how to start a new, separate thread? I have done one before but totally forgotten how to do one. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. When was you part of the league? Ours was this summer, I think it ended last month (October) Does anybody know how long it takes to process a county court claim i.e how long is it likely to take to receive a letter from them, if it was to happen? I'll keep you posted if anything happens, as I said it's still early days.
  11. Like DX states I have chosen to ignore them. I was getting the general impression that what everyone else was doing. I thought if I sent them a letter it's sort of acknowledging the debt to them, and admitting where you live and name and so on. When was you in the league with champion soccer? What letters have you received? It is still early days but I'm hoping to never hear from them again!!!
  12. Just finally, did you ignore the letters or respond to them at all?
  13. The last letter I received reads.. "Despite written and verbal correspondence from champion soccer the above debt remains unpaid. You now leave us with no alternative but to make an application to the Northampton County Court to recover the amount. Please be aware that in the likely event of our application being successful you will be liable for the court costs, in addition to your credit rating being negatively affected. Our application will be made on Tuesday 18th October 2016 without any further warning, unless we hear from you before 4pm on this date" This is from the company champion soccer, not from any DCA's
  14. Same, I ticked something along with my application "I accept full responsibility on behalf of my team to fulfil and pay for fixtures as required and agree to abide by the rules of the competition" But on the form I also made a point of highlighting my friends work shifts and because it was summer we could be away and miss fixtures. If they wasn't happy with that then surely they should of told me. Also, they didn't enforce the rules i.e teams would play with no shin pads, not correct footwear which is part of there "rules" Thank you again for this, has really eased my mind from worry, with Christmas around the corner I could not afford £400+
  15. You're right dx, I've looked at the letter again and it only says "you now leave us with no alternative but to make an application to the Northampton County Court" The deadline is tomorrow, do you believe it is all just scarce tactics/load of tripe?
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