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  1. Good Morning, I put in a claim on lockdown was declined (unemployment) I appealed to FOS who upheld my complaint this week For the first three months had payment holiday for mortgage, next three months borrowed money to pay half the mortgage, Ive recieved email for the insurance that they are reviewing. Would it be unfair for me to ask for full 3 months payments and 3 half payments + compensation due to the fact they declined my claim. To make ends meet my wife continued to work even though she was high risk with me home caring for our child. Pretty much a worrying and stressful time. Or wait for review and if not happy then approach FOS representative who has been dealing with this ? regards M
  2. Hi all, I have just received a letter from LC Asset 1 to confirm capital one have assigned my account to them. They (L C ) have appointed link financial outsourcing to service the account. Also enclosed with the letter is a letter from Capital One of their decision to sell my account to LC Asset1. The account was sold to LC Asset on the 19/09/19. Previously I had CCA ed capital one and uploaded the agreement here which was deemed enforceable. (DX100) I have since paid capital 1 direct every month by standing order which they have advised me to cancel ASAP and set up payment arrangements with Link. Any advise what to do next would be helpful , possibly another CCA ? Thanks in advance Regards mack35
  3. Hi, My wife has had to book in our cat for an appointment, She has just been told she has an outstanding bill of £110 From original bill of £330. Last payment they are informing her was paid on 18/10/2000. She sure she has paid in full and she has also been to the vets four/five times since with no mention from them of this outstanding Balance, were would she stand has she has also never received any letters regarding the outstanding balance. Thanks for any advise.
  4. Thanks for reply dx100, CCA request to the new assigned owners ? Did that to Barclaycard
  5. Thanks dx100, Yes I have , Respond by end of month
  6. Hi, Today I’ve recieved a letter of claim on an account that after request have not received my CCA only T&C’s Barclaycard reassigned the account to HPH/managed by Robinson way .(have letter) Now is it right to respond by disputing , then also request enforceable agreement Should I not sign paperwork? I don’t think I should . Thanks for any info .
  7. Mack35

    mbna agreement

    Thanks for your reply no I can’t Thanks for your reply DX100, Is that why arrow are outsourcing the account to a specialist third party to manage on their behalf ? Donation on the way also, Thanks .
  8. Mack35

    mbna agreement

    Hi all, I've now received a copy of my agreement /statement from Arrow after 10 months of CCA request arrow are going to contact a third party to manage the account (letter uploaded). IF Enforceable what could I expect next? With my other account Capital One I make a payment every month and not heard a thing Thanks for any advise
  9. Hi DX100, I've now received a copy of my agreement/statement from Arrow after 10months of CCA request and they are going to contact a third party to manage account (letter uploaded ) if enforceable what could I expect next? with Capital one I make payment every month and not heard a thing. Thanks again for any advise.
  10. Thanks DX100 for your reply . Moorcroft was collecting for barclaycard (egg) and passed it back to them as in supplied upload letters . Out of all the accounts only cap one sent me a statement every year and complied with my CCA request which with your advise Was a enforceable agreement which I am dealing with direct . Thanks again . Mack35
  11. Hi all ,DX 100 i have some updated info regarding Barclaycard , Moorcroft and Arrow , ive uploaded the letters. Also checking my SAR paperwork all accounts defaulted around the middle of 2010 so should my credit file be clear of these and could they add more default non payment to my file after 6 years? Again thanks for your time and any advise would be appreciated Mack35.
  12. Hi another update moorcroft has kept my £1:00 P.O it was not made out to any company so I assumed it would be past on to arrow . Moorcroft forwarded my CCA request to arrow and enclosed a cheque made payable to arrow . Arrow has written to me informing they are not the creditor and are willing to assist in obtaining which has been requested and will process my request for the documents from the creditor Mbna They also confirm collection activity will be suspended pending provision of the documents and my payment is returned The cheque returned to me is made out by moorcroft made payable to arrow ? Any input would be appreciated again . Happy Christmas to all also .
  13. Thanks for taking a look dx I'll contact them by post informing Them I am self administering my plan . With Moorcroft I'll update when I have any info Thanks again for your help it is appreciated.
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