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  1. That's the one I tried but they don't feel like ATL done wrong
  2. Citizen advice gives impartial answers and their suggestion was to claim a refund from the credit company but no help from them either Next step?! Civil court... apparently you don't need a solicitor, just someone to build your case so you can get your money back! Anyone that can help?!
  3. Ombudsman cannot get involved as they only deal with purchases done after 1st January 2015... any ideas what else to do?!
  4. Ok Fair enough I need step by step infos where to complain and what to claim... Let me know what infos I can post here..like the contract and terms and conditions between me and this ATLpt so I can get my money back My next step is to ask ombudsman for advice and to complain about thr poor practices they perform It says in the terms and conditions/ contract that I have 36 months to complete my course but also they promise high levels of support and help from the tutors.. . well... that never happened I never had a text, letter or email to ask me how my studies are going, why i'm not sending my assessments or just to remind me that I have less time to complete this very expensive course
  5. Exactly my point! £7000 is way overpriced specially when I suppose to chase them for help I can't PM as I'm new to the forum
  6. I paid by monthly direct debit financed by another sister company of theirs Can you give me some examples of unfair terms?! I can attache my contract with them if it help someone to build my case.
  7. I've send them a letter with examples of reviews and explained them that due to those reviews and my experience with them I don't want to have anything else with them and don't wish to receive the full material for the course... and asked for a full refund. Their final response was that they will not refund and I can do whatever I want... they said that the contract was completed and finished. Was my fault for not seeking help and support from tutors. I need some solicitors to help me build my case Thanks It's funny that i'm google-ing "deceiving act" and nothing comes up Does anyone managed to get a full refund from this company?!
  8. I can't see your email I complained twice by letter but always the same answer Was down to me to read the terms and conditions and was down to me to finish the course in time My next step was to complain to ombudsman I know i didn't read the terms and conditions but i'm down £6820 and got 2 cds and 3 books... They offered the full course to study when i want and to pay for the exams... But after all the reviews online... I said "no thanks" I want my money back as I paid for something i never received! They claim that all the reviews are fake... and they threatened with the deceiving act 2004 My email is [removed] see if you can get in contact Do you have a solicitor? How do you plan to get legal action?
  9. Hi Similar problem with ATL pt. ..paid almost £7000 for 3 books and 2 cd...no tutor support and no communication. Now, after I paid in full and 3 years past they refuse to refund my money saying that we finished our contract and they completed their obligations... My argument is that they never provide the service they promised so the course was a big lie as I found out that they can not provide the qualification (Renewable Engineer) I have sent two complain letters and they replied to one patronizing me, saying that numerous student completed their qualification... obviously they will not provide name and contact numbers to check that. I want to complain about them and their practices and get my money back. Any suggestions, please! Thank you
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