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  1. Right, got home today and found out I got the letter from Restons, however, stupidly my other half decided to fill in the income and expenditure form online without ever asking me so that has totally messed things up because I am sure that it classed as acknowledgement. She submitted an offer per month to pay back so I assume we'll just have to wait for their answer, however, I assume I will get court papers through the door soon. What is my next move, I cannot believe she filled in the form online and sent it.
  2. Hello, I filled in the blanks, do you mean regarding 'listing your debts' ?
  3. Who was the original creditor - Littlewoods / Shopdirect Limited debt is for £1372 When taken out - Unsure of actual date but around 2011 When defaulted - April 2014 Who you pay now - Capquest were the original DCA, no payments to them, now passed to Restons Solicitors and I am awaiting their first letter. Have you ever sent any CCA requests to check these dca have the legal right to demand payment? - No, do you have a link to a CCA template? I am worried about Restons starting legal action through the County Court pretty quickly.
  4. Good evening, I got a letter today from capquest saying that have sent my account to Restons Solicitors and that they will be in contact with me soon. The debt is for Littlewoods for £1372.00. The reason I got in debt was due to illness and I won't be available for work for the foreseeable future, I am on ESA and can only afford to pay them a small amount as I am debt with other companies. I have read some horror stories about Restons, taking people to court etc and I want to avoid this if possible. What is the best way to go deal with this, I know they are not a DCAicon as such
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