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  1. Sorry for the delay in responding, we have since had one to one meetings, and although they have stressed that no decision has been made regarding whether redundancies will take place, they have created a new job spec and given us until the end of this week to apply for the new role. I have a couple of questions if anyone can help please Do they have to make all ten redundant, as all of the old jobs would be gone, and five new ones created? Also, is it legal for them to state that no decision has been made about the redundancies, but almost force us to apply for these 'new' roles?
  2. Hi all, i work for a car park who have reently acquired another in the same city. I work alone on a shift basis, as do the employees of the other car park. They state the reasons for possible redundancy are new technolgy (control room) and reducing costs. We have just been told that they are considering making half of us redundant (from 10 to 5 staff) and that one employee would be expected to cover both car parks, which are about two miles apart, over a twelve hour shift. Any unattended requests for help would be dealt with from a central control room in London, although t
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