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  1. A more settled turn of events. I spoke to the company this morning. They said, they will visit in the week. They said the strip is polyamide. It seems that is how the finish always is. It seems there is nothing they can do about it, but it is under guarantee if the finish peels off to show the metal. The strip cannot be seen when the door is shut and so I think I will have to accept as is. Maybe, I expected too much. I now realise that a door installer purely installs doors and finishing is not part of what they do. The installer told me had been at the job for 27
  2. Attached are photos showing locking mechanism covering the defective strip.
  3. Three more pictures of defective strip which is screwed to the inside of the frame.
  4. Maybe I have the term wrong. But it is a strip that is screwed onto the inside of the frame.
  5. My confusion is, I am not sure if the door is defective. The door looked patchy. Some very shiny black and some duller and lighter. I was given a silicone spray to buff it up and it now looks fine. But will I have to keep buffing it? Never mind, I will let that one go. Caulking. The whole thing is a wavy, thick, thin, and in some places non-existent, mess. Caulking surely has to be applied in one straight line and then a finger run down its entire length. This can only be done before door is put up. Company's excuse was, they are not decorators. Never mind, I will let that one go
  6. The company is Trade Windows Wooburn Green. I gave them £131 deposit. I owe them £1000.
  7. The contract between the company and me, of which I signed states: The Purchaser shall not be entitled to withhold payment on account of any alleged defects. The company agrees to investigate any alleged defects after payment in full of the balance. A surcharge of 2.5% per month will be payable on outstanding balances. I paid the deposit of £131 cash in May but they did not put my door in until October, this was after numerous calls to them. The door is black powder coated aluminium. Problem One: Poorly applied caulking, which is difficult to correct because the hinges on the door
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