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  1. That's right M B , assuming that this is the reason for the ticket, then what you have said would be my "defence" fairly flimsy and just down to me not being aware and not reading signs I suppose but I do think it is worh arguing over for a short time. If they ARE both Manchester Council owned, I dont thin a ticket is warranted but the ticket I paid for does have NCP stamped on it.
  2. Spot on Migster I parked where the blue car is, to the right, you can see the the "NCP" bays and to the left, over the road and 20 metres down is the meter I possibly SHOULD have used (in another road!).
  3. It's all a public road, but the bays were to the side of and therefore off the road, so therefore probably on private property. I'll see what the Council come back with but wish they had made it clear in the first place! Ticket now attached minus info. Scan_20161013 (8).pdf
  4. Hi guys, I received a parking ticket last week in Manchester, I am not too sure why but have an idea and wanted to run it by you. I was viewing two properties parked on street for an hour. The first house had 10 parking bays outside it, all were full, I went 20 metres round the corner, parked up and went back to the bays to the nearest ticket machine and bought an hour. I came back 50 minutes later to a ticketed car. I have been on the MCC Parking site and appealed it as I am not sure why, there was no full explanation save for "Parked without clearly displaying a valid p
  5. Thanks EB, I did find it odd that this was the first letter received from them when it states there has been "No response following correspondence to my address" but no idea how I could prove they haven't sent anything. TBH in my role, I get a ticket about once a fortnight but they are all paid immediately except for one that I am contesting (new thread being written up now). Letter attached... (I think!) DR+.pdf
  6. Hi guys, First post, great site and great help! I received a demand for payment for an unpaid PCN yesterday from DR+. It was in Leeds, in a private car park and as per the guy above, I did not receive a ticket. There was however a guy at my car (no doubt a resident) making note of my car details when I returned after 10-15 minutes (I was on a house viewing). I left and there was NO ticket on my car. I will take advice from above and ignore the letter but expect another 2/3 reminders. Given there was no ticket received and the DR+ website states "Disputes: As p
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