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  1. Thank you. When I try reset my password, I do get an email from restons with my account number and a new password, but when I try to use the details I get a message 'no account has been found based on the information provided'. Seems odd I have followed your advice and taken screen shots, thank you for your help with this. In regards to the debt and a full and final settlement, would £500 considered reasonable on a 2k debt?
  2. Hi All, I received a CCJ approx 10 years ago for a Lloyd's student account which I failed to repay on time. At the time I received the CCJ papers I did not respond to the court letters and a result a judgement was granted. Ever since I have been making repayments of £10 a month to Restons solicitors, I have on occasions made late payments but i have kept up date with any arrears, in the past when the CCJ was active I have been taken back to court by restons for late payments and additional charges have been added to the total amount as a result. The CCJ is no longer on my credit file and the balance owed is approx 2k. In the last 3 months payments i have not made a payment to restons, i usually make payments via the restons online account where. Today I tried to login into the account and make a payment against the arrears but for some reason my login details are not recognised, I tried resetting my password where I am asked to confirm my account number with restons and date of birth but I get a account number not recognised message. I am assuming at this stage they have blocked me from making payments until I contact. Restons have tried on a few occasions over the years to contact me to discuss completing an income and expenditure document to date I have not engaged in any communications with them and just made my repayments. I just wanted to get some advice, in order for me to make repayments I will need to contact restons to reinstate my online account, do I have to complete their income and expenditure document?
  3. Hi, Is a solictor legally required to update a credit file for repayments on a ccj? I have been paying a small monthly payment towards my ccj for last 3 years and my credit file is still showing the original default balance. I have one year left on my ccj before 6 years is up, am i legally required to make payments after the 6 year date? There is quite a large balance still left.
  4. Its a win!!!! The judge questioned the order and why the claimant did not provide all the documents as per the order, the claim was denied on that basis. I did not speak at all but as i was leaving the judge did say i was very lucky
  5. I am the courts, just awaiting the hearing. The solicitor took me into a room and tried to talk to me and i said you do know what happens at a small claims court i said yes and there is nothing else to talk about then left the room.
  6. Thank you dx. I am done researching so will go with everything i have stated above.
  7. The only other thing i have noticed is the default letter and the notice of assignment from the original creditor do not have any logos, they are not the original letters. I have never entered into an agreement with lowell, if lowell have purchased the debt, they should have all the supporting documents. I do remember gaining an vanquis account however i do not remember any balance remaining on the account. Lowell have failed to comply with the order and failed to respond to my cpr 31.14 request, lowell have had enough time to gain the documents requested. Not sure what else i can say in my defense?
  8. Hi, Just preparing for my hearing tomorrow, thank you for all your help. I will let the judge lead the hearing, so far i will argue the following: 1) lowell have failed to provide the original agreement and they have confirmed the exhibit in the witness statement is an application and not an executed agreement. The agreement looks to be pasted ( evidence of signature pasted over). 2) Lowell have failed to comply with the order 3) The screen shots showing transactions are irrelevant as it is not proof from the originating creditor. 4) I do remember having a vanquis account but i do not recognise the account number or the transactions listed in the witness statement. Is there anything else i should mention? I am going through various threads for now.
  9. That was them, the only thing i altered on that page was my signature. Does the pasted signature look odd?
  10. I apologise, it must have deleted the page whilst i was editing the document to remove personal details. The page with my signature is there i can upload if you want? Is there anything i should be worried about? What is the best way in your opinion on how to approach the witness statement in court? Could someone remove the attachment please i will upload once i have removed personal details
  11. Hi All, Apoligies for the delay with this, see attached claimants witness statement.
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