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  1. Thanks for your advice so far. We couldnt of withdrew the balance we had no way of doing that, we didnt even know that he had a balance untill we had a bereavement appointment with halifax. As for dwp yes it has been touched because they have deducted £300 from the total that will be paid to the funeral director because of the balance. Do any of you know what would be my next step? Should i start a complaint with halifax? Thanks
  2. Hi, hope someone can help me. My dad passed away the end of august with nothing, no estate or anything, only £300 in his bank account. He had 2 accounts with halifax one with an overdraft of £300 which he had maxed and the other with £300 of his own money. We had the funeral and applied for a dwp funeral grant which they have given us £815 for the cremation and £700 for everything else but have taken £300 off because that is what he had in his bank account. the thing is halifax took this money to pay the overdraft on his other account. When we applied for
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