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  1. Thank you - i was stupid many years ago when took a high interest finance loan out on a car, it was originally with someone else, then transfer to moneybarm, then cabboot and now Fidelite. I was concerned as the CCJ is now off my credit file and I am worried they will try the court root or try and remove good from my parents.
  2. Hi I took out finance for a car loan in 2007/8- for around 6k, the car was recovered due to me not keeping up repayments and sold on in about 2008. Following this i never repaid any other money the debt was chased by about 5 diff DCA and in 2009 a county court judgment place on my file. I never made any payments and now the CCJ is not on my credit file as 6 years has passed. Today my dad contacted me to say someone had knocked on the house and hand delivered an envelop in it was a card to call fildelite urgent - I called them to find out what this was about and confirmed that a envelope had been left at the address for me to call - a lady then told me i owe them 8k for a loan to Cabot -this one of the DCA the debt went to at some point over the years. I told the lady that if they want payment they will have to go through the courts as this is many years old now. Have i done the right thing, has anyone encountered Fildelite? Will they send bailiffs to my parents address ??
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