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  1. I have a similar situation with lloyds bank, though it wasn't sold at auction it was withdrawn as a result of the lpa receivers being negligent by not splitting the title correctly and not implementing the planning conditions attached to the sale, so the buyer (a builder) bought the site £120,000 cheaper than market value. the bank isnt interested as they claim they had no dealings with the sale although the lpa receives also added fees of over £10,000 on top, which the bank allowed. The financial ombudsman cant help either as it is out of their jurisdiction due to the property being in the company name, though the bank is holding us liable for the personal guarantee. Its a very grey area which allows the banks to get away with any mis selling of properties by allowing lpa receivers to deal with sales. I have been advise that if I try to take the lpa recievers to court it would cost me as much as the guarantee of £50,000 plus interest. I could elaborate much further though its got very complicated and expense with solicitors etc.......
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