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  1. Best way to deal with any telephone calls from AIC is to tell them that you are recording the call, you will find that they can't get off the phone quick enough. If you want some fun, let them rant and rave at you for a while and then say OK well that's different than the advice I have received, please can you just repeat that again so I can record it and take it to Citizens Advice and FSA for their opinion. It's funny to see them refuse and end the call or perhaps I just have a strange sense of humour.
  2. Dear Peter, A very easy way of dealing with AIC and these sort of calls, is to say would you mind repeating that while I record the call as I wish to go to Citizen's Advice about what you are saying you can do and get their advice about your comments. They tend to end the call very quickly at that point and if every time they ring you say the same thing, they tend to get the message. AIC has just pass on my debt to another collector after failing to provide a CCA - they are 6 months overdue and despite their calls telling me that they didn't have to provide anything, if you st
  3. I really do wonder what planet these people are on. Send off CCA request back at the beginning of Dec so they are well overdue and then last week received letter saying that as I hadn't contacted them they were going to send someone round to my house. So one special delivery letter back to them pointing out that I had been in contact and they should refer to my letter of December and a visit would be considered as harrasment. Then today get a letter from a one man band solictors in Bradford - Casey & Co saying that they were going to start court proceeding and I should contact t
  4. Yes to the original creditor not a DCA and where does it say that is you owe money that you can be treated with disrespect and lied to. I have lost count of the lies I have been told.
  5. Dear Hayley, I would send them the SAR (Subject Access Request) letter and they will have to send you all the information they hold on you. As they have told you that they make copies of telephone call you can ask for these as well - they will look fairly stupid if they then don't have them. The SAR letter can be found in the Letter templates and you will need to send payment for £10. You can also ask for a statement of account showing what you have paid and when, also it should show how they have reached their final figures. It does apper to me that they are just trying to
  6. But with Supermarkets they are offering you goods to purchase and it is your choice if you chose to purchase or not. You can always go to a different Supermarket and this is why shops have sales and offers etc. I have never heard of a DCA having a sale or a buy one get one free offer. I feel that why DCA may have a role, the way they go about it is inexcusable and they should be called to account. Any challenge about what they pay for a debt would be interesting. Another quick thought - what about looking at it from the other and getting the bank to tell you what they sold it for, co
  7. thanks - that's what I thought What does annoy me is that they have send me a postal order but not the one I send them and this new postal order is made out to Thames Credit - just what am I meant to do with that - I can't cash it, it is completly useless. I guess that I could just keep it and send it back to them if they chase me about something else
  8. Following my CCA request on the 18th December, I received the following letter from Thames Credit on Sat and would be interested on what people think I should do next Dear Madam, We refer to the correspondence regarding the above referenced account In your recent letter you have suggested that the account has nothing to with you and have requested documentary evidence, such as a copy application form. Under the Data Protection Act we are unable to disclose personal details. You claim the account is not yours and we would therefore be in breach of the Data Protection Act if
  9. These people are such prats. I had the following conversation with one of them last week that went as follows: Them: I was ringing to see if you got our letter (standard letter saying we are going to take your house etc) Me: Yes and I am currently waiting for a reply to my letter (CCA request, which I know they have as it was signed for) Them: We don't have your letter but you need to sort this out today or I will take action Me: What action? Them: Action as we said in our letter Me: You're going to start court processings? Them: We are going to take act
  10. You might be interested to know that I have just had a phone call from these people and at the end of it - he actually put the phone down on me and when I called back he told me not to call them again as they wouldn't speak to me over the phone. Don't know if that'a result or not They called over a MINT card debit which was with Moorcroft to whom I had sent the CCA request and which they clearly don't have so they have send it on. AIC stated that they don't do paperwork and that they were the pre-legal division not debt collectors, so I said "OK please take me to court then"
  11. Hi, I didn't see this thread earlier as I tend to only look at the RBS thread. But today I spoke to the Law Society regarding Cobbetts and they provided me with a plan of action to take if I wish the Law Society to look into Cobbett's behaviour. Big problem is that it involves getting a judge to comment on Cobbetts action when as case comes to court. But it might help those who want to take some action against Cobbetts. I just spoke to my contact at Cobbetts - Lynsey Burgoyne who got quite miffed when I asked for her to put in writing to me the reason why she felt CPR Part 18 ap
  12. I received my defence papers this week which included the CPR Part 18 bit which I know from reading here is not right for small claims so today I contacted The Law Society regarding this. I had a very nice conversation with them and they have provided me with a course of action to follow. 1) Contact Cobbetts and ask why they have included this in their defence and get their reasons in writing. 2) This is the problem bit - when it gets to court (and we all know about that) but if it gets to court raise this with the judge. The judge will then make comment on the fact that Cobbett
  13. Hi, My husband had an a car crash into him at the exact same roundabout in Sept under slightly different circumtances - I did post about the fight we are having with the insurance company about a month ago. There are CCTV cameras overlooking the site and if you report the accident to the Police you might be able to get a copy - it does depend on where you were on the roundabout and if the cameras were pointed in that direction, also how hard you want to fight about it. We were in luck and we now have proof that the person who hit us was at fault.
  14. Dear Ian, I posted this in the RBOS forum, but The One Account have also just increased their charges from £20 to £29. I see as a last chance grab before they are forced to change
  15. In light of everything that is going on I was stunned to find out this week that The One Account has increased it's charges from £20 per rejected/unpaid etc item to £29. I can only wonder what is going on in their tiny minds - a last money grap before being forced to change perhaps. By the way did any other One Account holders see the leaflet they claim to have send our about this
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