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  1. Hi just wondering can anyone assist or have had similar issue: I purchased a hp car after 6 months and faults i returned the car and wanted to upgrade to a bigger car. However i could not obtain finance was advised that if i got another family member they could try that. my sister went with me and they obtained what we were told was finance and that there was £2000 negative equity from the car i had returned and that this would be added onto the monthly payments. We also purchased gap insurance and were advised that everything was the same only difference was the amount. We were even advised that we could come back half way or in a few years and upgrade again. I have never received a letter, email statement at all in the 30 months i have had the car. To my shock i decided to trade up as i had been told i could so i contacted blackhorse who said yes this could be done as long as i paid 1400. After one week and getting the money i again contacted them only to be told this was a PERSONAL FIXED SUM LOAN!!! This was not what i had agreed to. I brought back a hire purchase car and was told that everything was the same. O and blackhorse said they sent 2 statements of which i have yet to see. I would never have taken a loan for a second hand car and did not know that it was even possible to go into a showroom and get a loan. They were fully aware of my circumstances and wishes given that i was returning a car on hp which was not suitable! They never advises us off the change, yes we signed paperwork but on the basis of the sale team telling us everything was the same. My understanding also was that GAP insurance only covered for the fall in car value not for a personal loan? To add during this time i have since taken another car out and it is hp with the same dealer with the same instructions as before. I truly believed and was advised that they all were the same until now obviously. Any help would be great
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