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  1. In all honesty I think it’s been over 6 years since Natwest wrote to us. Since it’s been Moorcroft, Wescot, AIC and now ZINC all of which we’ve just ignored
  2. Thank you. I was waiting for Wescot to write to us as I was preparing the Statue Barred letter but they never wrote back and since then it’s just been texts from AIC and now ZINC. I’ll see what comes in the post then get the letter sent off.
  3. My husband heard nothing further from Wescot. He began receiving texts from a company called AIC with a link to watch a video. He ignored and blocked but still received a few more which he continued to ignore. He’s now receiving texts from a company called ZINC again with a video to watch which he ignored but they sent another text saying they’ve written to him and to click on a link to view the letter. Again he’s ignored and blocked. I’ve searched ZINC in the files and it brings up a lot of posts about people who are gym members. I assume these are another DCA that we can ignore x
  4. Were you also receiving the carers element. This is roughly £160 per month extra. Make sure you were also receiving this and it was also backdated
  5. I’ve had a look through and don’t believe I’ve posted about this debt. I’d just like to say thank you for the help received and giving me the confidence to send a SB letters to some of our creditors. In my head I knew I’d made no payments or been in contact with them but I was worried in case they came up with something. I sent one to Cabot a few weeks ago and have today received a letter stating that they acknowledge it’s SB and won’t be in contact again. Thank you
  6. Unsure if I’ve posted in the correct area so feel free to move if I have. Back in 2012 when my husband became sick he lost his job and we allowed our house to be repossessed. We stopped paying all non priority debts so 2014 was the last time they were paid. Now though they are statute barred and although my husband has 2 outstanding CCJ’s my credit reports is looking much better. With Experian it’s 999, Clearscore it’s 401 and CreditKarma it’s 582. The thing is though both Clearscore and CreditKarma make suggestions about improving my score and it’s suggesting I take out a credit card. Now as a youngster I was stupid with credit and if I wanted something it just went on the credit card. I got into a huge mess but only now after going through the stress of loosing our house and debt collection letters I’ve learnt that if I don’t have the money I can’t have it and if I want something then I save for it. Currently apart from mobile phones I have no other credit. Should I take out the card in case in the future I do need credit or should I just ignore the suggestion of a credit card. I will say that I’ve learnt my lesson so I wouldn’t actually use the card so thinking if that’s the case then not using it won’t actually help my score. Many Thanks
  7. Brilliant. Thank you. I’ll update with what happens next.
  8. I received a letter from Ruthbridge today in regards the SB letter I sent. it just says that after liaising with their client (Cabot) the account has been returned to them in order for them to deal with the matters raised. It also says the account with them has been closed and I’ll receive no further communication from Ruthbridge. Then it finishes by saying that our client will be in touch with you shortly regarding the issues raised. So now I have to wait for Cabot to get in contact with me.
  9. I followed the instructions by The Librarian where it says it should be sent recorded delivery
  10. I’ve sent off the SB letter first class recorded delivery. I have just printed my name digitally but was wondering do they have to accept it without my actual signature. Can they be awkward about it?
  11. Thank you. I was using my iPad and it wouldn’t let me change anything but I’ve asked my husband and he’s done it on his laptop. Sorry for being an idiot. I’ve spent the morning having chemicals pumped into a helmet I’m having to use to fumigate student bedrooms and it’s obviously gone to my head.
  12. I have. Says sign or print digitally but I had to type the letter out due to using iPad so wondered if I would just sign normally
  13. And I’m ok to sign this letter.
  14. Yes the address for Ruthbridge is different to that of Cabot so I’ll send to Ruthbridge
  15. Sorry just a quick question before I do the letter. Do I ignore the fact that the letter from Ruthbridge says that I must contact them and not Cabot. Thank you
  16. Do I send the SB letter to Ruthbridge? Apologies I hadn’t realised I already had a topic open. Thank you for merging.
  17. I’ve received a letter today from Cabot Financial saying that as they’ve been unable to reach an agreement with me they’ve passed my account to a company called Ruthbridge. It’s regarding an old Capital One credit card which doesn’t show on Credit Karma, Clearscore or Equifax and Experian has my credit score at 998. I believe the last payment was in April 2014 and I wrote to them in Jan 2020 to advise of our correct address apart from that I’ve never called or acknowledged any letters. Has anyone heard of Ruthbridge as it’s a company I’ve never heard of before. Many Thanks
  18. Hi. We’ve continued to ignore Wescot. Today a letter came from 2f which judging from the letter is part of Wescot. It’s a confirmation of residency letter and asking for my husband to get in touch. Says if he doesn’t then Natwest has the right to take further additional measures to re-establish contact with him. Can I assume this is also OK to ignore. Thank you
  19. When I get my order confirmation it does say guide price with a red * beside it and at the bottom of the order says the price you’ll be charged is the price on the day of delivery or collection.
  20. You need to let them know that as you receive support group of ESA you should automatically receive the LCWRA of UC
  21. You’ll continue to get your ESA but it will be deducted from your UC. Your partner will need to add you to her UC claim so I believe if she goes on her UC journal and changes from a single claim to a joint claim. She’ll need to do this the day you move in together. Also you’ll need to supply your tenancy agreement so they can add the rent element to your joint UC award.
  22. You can continue to receive ESA but it would be deducted £ for £ from your UC. Housing benefit would stop but UC have a housing element so you’d need to upload your tenancy agreement so you can receive help with paying rent.
  23. Just a quick update. After Moorcroft have given up, Wescot have taken over on behalf of NatWest. Just the usual please contact us so we can help you.
  24. So if the house was repossessed and no payments have been made since July 2014 (default date on credit report is 10th September 2014) it will always show on my report as defaulted for the term of the mortgage.
  25. yesterday I had a notification from Clearscore that my mortgage was to be removed from my file as it’s been 6 years since it defaulted. I then get a notification today that it will be re added. Now I know they have 12 years to chase the capital but can it stay on my credit report for 12 years?
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