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  1. Restons have responded and said as a CCJ has been registered then they are under no obligation to provide a copy of the CCA. Is this correct?
  2. No he just said they’d post it out to me. Didn’t offer any alternatives.
  3. Thank you for the advice. I requested everything to do with the CCJ which they are sending out. When I receive the info I’ll come back.
  4. The CCJ was awarded in 2016. The debt is for just over £13,000. I’ve returned the AoE but as the lady said my husband is unemployed due to poor health, my house is rented and the car is on mobility so there is nothing further the court can do. I’m awaiting a response about obtaining the CCA.
  5. With Payplan we’d been paying but apparently while someone was doing a review on our account they done some error with it so the money I’d been paying was never sent to my creditors. They apologised but due to being a bad time in our lives I closed my account with them. We moved house a few months later I’ll ring Northants bulk and ask for a copy of the CCJ although I’m not sure how this will help us
  6. No. The debt hasn’t been with the original creditor for a long time. I think it’s been with Arrow since 2008 and we had been paying pay plan for a few years but in 2014 when everything got to much due to my husbands ill health and loosing his job we stopped paying non priority debts and allowed our home to be repossessed so we could save a deposit and rent.
  7. The credit card was MBNA and was roughly 2002 when taken out but we honestly can’t remember. I believe the last payment was in 2014 via pay plan. CCJ registered in 2016.
  8. Sorry to sound dumb but what claim form am I asking for. The address registered for the CCJ doesn’t match where I lived at the time although they can say it was my fault for not updating them
  9. My husband had a letter from our local county court requesting him to complete an income/expenditure form. The client was Arrow. Due to a lot of financial stress in 2014 and loosing our home I had forgotten about the debt but noticed last year a CCJ for Arrow. It relates to an old MBNA credit card. I phoned Arrow who told me to ring Restons. My husband gave permission for me to deal with it. I responded by asking for a copy of the CCA so awaiting their response. I also called the court and they asked if my husband was employed. I advised no so she advised fill out the form stating unemployed and as the forms were a attachment of earnings form she says as he’s unemployed they can’t take it any further. Is there anything else I need to do. Thanks
  10. The house was only repossessed in September 2014. Picture wrote to us about 3 weeks ago just saying we've found you, ring us but I didn't. Then yesterday an agent from Excel turned up.
  11. Thank you. I shall try and find an address for Picture and write to them with our situation
  12. My husband had lost his job due to illness and it took time for benefits to be sorted. Our house was old and needed a lot of work doing so after considering our circumstances at the time we handed the keys back. We had a £115,000 mortgage and £25,000 secured loan. The house sold for £60,000 therefore leaving a large shortfall. As of yet we haven't heard from the mortgage company and only heard from Picture last month after 3 years. I'll admit I've made no attempt to pay. I buried my head in the sand. My husbands health is poor and he's recently been diagnosed with PTSD. He sees a psychiatrist for mental health issues after suicide attempts. I really don't want an agent in the home as it will cause him stress. I've been trying to locate Pictures details online but i can't find a telephone number
  13. Many thanks for the advice. Would it be best to try and speak to Picture direct? I really don't want an agent in my home simply due to my husbands poor physical and mental health. Also must I complete a income/expenditure form the agent wants?
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