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  1. Just a quick update. After Moorcroft have given up, Wescot have taken over on behalf of NatWest. Just the usual please contact us so we can help you.
  2. So if the house was repossessed and no payments have been made since July 2014 (default date on credit report is 10th September 2014) it will always show on my report as defaulted for the term of the mortgage.
  3. yesterday I had a notification from Clearscore that my mortgage was to be removed from my file as it’s been 6 years since it defaulted. I then get a notification today that it will be re added. Now I know they have 12 years to chase the capital but can it stay on my credit report for 12 years?
  4. No you won’t loose PIP. That will be paid separately. Also as you’re over 25 you’ll get £594.04 standard allowance even though your partner is under 25. The standard rate at the moment is roughly an extra £80 per month due to COVID and is due to end April 2021.
  5. Hi. yes I informed Cabot that we’d moved and the correct address shows on the credit file. Can I just ask. I was trying to find where I’d read after the default expiring 14 days after the date it’s recorded. Is this correct. So the recorded date is the 14th October but they would have until the 28th October to make a claim.
  6. Thank you. I was trying to find out if the statute bar was from the missed payment or from the default date but all I could find is from the date a creditor had cause of action but I’m unsure of what that actually means.
  7. Just a quick question regarding Cabot. I believe it’s for a Capital One Credit Card taken out December 2010. No payments made since April 2014. There is a default registered on my credit file dated October 14, 2014. I’ve ignored all the standard letters from them regarding the debt but is it likely they can still take me to court regarding the debt. It’s for £568. Thank you.
  8. A tax rebate is counted as income when it comes to working out UC. If it’s paid through wages then UC will obviously know straight away. There is some debate though if it’s paid directly into your bank or via chq as UC may not pick up on this straight away.
  9. If you move in together you’ll loose the SDP premium and you’ll have to go onto her Universal Credit claim. You would loose your housing benefit but you would get the housing element on UC. When baby is born you can claim child benefits and the child element will be added to your UC. As regards ESA if you’re in the Support Group or WRAG this should be transferred over to UC
  10. Quick update Another Moorcroft letter arrived. This one says as you’ve not contacted us we have decided to look at other options. Option 1. Keep writing to you, or Option 2. Hand back to our client so they can look at other DCA to contact you. Is it OK to file with the other letters?
  11. I’m signed up to both Clearscore and Credit Karma. Should they show the same information? 2 defaults I have are my mortgage and a credit card. On CK they show as being updated monthly and the default dates, but CS says my mortgage was last updated May 2019 and the credit card in 2016 but doesn’t show the default dates just they are in default. My credit card defaulted on 14th October 2014 and my mortgage 10th September 2014.
  12. So there is no requirement to issue a default notice for the mortgage. Im unsure of one issued for the loan as it fell off the credit file a while ago. So the mortgage company can chase the £50,000 shortfall for another 6 years and the same with the secured loan which was for £25,000
  13. dx100uk i thought it was 6 years for the interest and 12 years for the capital. Andyorch Due to our situation we advised the mortgage company we were moving out to rented accommodation. We gave them our forwarding address. As we needed to apply for housing benefits we couldn’t until the house was repossessed. I rang the mortgage company who advised they’d repossess straight away. I’m pretty sure we moved out of the mortgaged property on the 31st August 2014 and the property repossessed 10 days later and the default notice was recorded on the 10th Septemb
  14. Hi Our home was repossessed in September 2014. On our credit file it says Default Date 10th September 2014. Should we have been sent a Default Notice? I did SAR the mortgage company and I felt the price they accepted for the property was low. The SAR indicates that they only had 1 estate agent value the property. Also the SAR shows no Default Notice was ever issued. They wrote to us after the house sold with the final balance and their intention to chase the balance. I know they can chase for 12 years but we’ve not heard fro
  15. Just a quick update. Another letter received on Saturday from Moorcroft just saying we can’t seem to trace that you’ve called us. Please call us so we can talk to you about repayments. That’s 3 letters in 1 week.
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