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  1. Just a quick update. Daughter emailed and sent a letter cancelling the IVA. She has had no reply in writing but they did try and call but she was working so didn’t answer although I’ve advised her to ignore. Santander also called her today saying that the IVA is cancelled and the arrears have been spread over 6 months. Thank you for all the advice.
  2. The letter she received from Santander was to call and pay the arrears and reset the DD up. She called to do that and as nice as they were they said she had to cancel the IVA first before she could pay the arrears. Ill get her to send a letter to cancel the IVA. Shehas cancelled the DD for it and done a reclaim.
  3. Thank you. She emailed yesterday to cancel the IVA but so far no response. Santander say until it’s cancelled they won’t be able to do anything.
  4. She signed digitally as it’s all online. I’ll get her to ring in the morning to see what happens when she cancels. I don’t want to cause any further problems for her
  5. She just googled. She’s only made 1 payment to them. She’s looking through now and by the looks of it almost £3600 in fees for arranging the IVA. No doubt they’ll chase her for cancelling so we’ll have to see where things go from there.
  6. Thank you. I’ll get her to write to them tomorrow. I’ve tried looking online at their site for cancellation rights but can’t see anything. Just wondering if she’ll be hit with any fees for cancelling.
  7. Hi. Hopefully I’ve got this is the correct category. My daughter took out an IVA 5 weeks ago. I only found out today while cleaning her room and found a letter. When she got home I’ve asked about it and the IVA includes her loan with Santander of £10,000 and an account she has with Clearpay which she owes £12. Now her last payment to Santander was the contractual amount of £300 in April so has missed May and June.i've said for her to ring Santander in the morning so we can sort this out. When she began the IVA she was in a lower paid job but she’s just began a new one and her pay is higher so won’t have a problem going forward. We’ll help with her paying the 2 months arrears but is cancelling a IVA easy? Im assuming her credit file maybe a bit trashed although the last letter from Santander dated 26th May was saying if you don’t contact us within 28 days we’ll report the missed payments to credit reference agencies. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  8. They did write to us in 2015 after the sale of the house saying they were intending to collect repayment but since then nothing until December 2021 so I guess they did make their intentions clear within the 6 year time frame. I’m unsure of the letter stating they didn’t have the application form as this was in October 2007 which was roughly 10 months after we completed the purchase of the house and I hadn’t asked for the application form. I shall wait and see what happens next. Thank you for your help.
  9. Hi. This is the first letters since around 2015. Unfortunately finances aren’t better. My husband receives ESA and PIP, I claim carers allowance, our home is rented and our car is on motability. From May money will drop by around £700 per month as our daughter with special needs turns 20 so we will receive no tax credits or child benefit for her (she also receives enhanced rate of PIP) and from September we loose another £300 as our youngest daughter is off to University. I did note on their comments a vulnerable marker for my husband. That hasn’t changed, in fact he’s worse. Last October I had to quit my job as due to Covid my employer changed all our hours from working Monday - Friday 9-1 to working 5 out of 7 between the hours of 8-6 which initially wasn’t a problem as my daughters were at home doing online learning but then they returned back to education which meant nobody was at home to help my husband. I don’t know if I should just wait for the letters and them saying an agent will call or just write and say we have absolutely nothing to offer and all this just makes my husband worse.
  10. Hi. I have received the information from the mortgage company (SAR). You asked me to scan the agreement. Would that be the mortgage offer? For whatever reason there is no mortgage application form. Apparently they wrote to us in October 2007 saying they can confirm they don’t have our mortgage application form but did enclose the mortgage conditions and a blank copy of the mortgage application form.
  11. Thank you. Am I allowed to put in the SAR request to just deal with myself. Things like this cause a big decline in my husbands mental health and I don’t want to go back to him wanting to consider doing something stupid Thank you
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