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  1. OK thank you for all of the replies and help. I'm just trying to improve my credit score, I have got 3 defaults on my report, they are from 2011-2013, since then no problems and my score is going up slowly. I'm not on the Electoral Roll but will be from next month, will this improve my credit score? Sorry to go off topic. Thanks.
  2. Ok, but why does it show as settled with Halifax on my credit report but not with the Debt Collection Agency? Surely it should also say settled?
  3. I can't remember now but it was probably paid after being transferred to 1sr Credit, I just presumed that as it has been settled with Halifax it would show on my credit report as being settled with 1sr Credit Ltd as well rather than it showing as a default? Because why is the Halifax one settler but the other one showing as a default?
  4. its on my credit report as being settled with Halifax but not with 1st Credit Ltd so they are in the wrong and it shouldn't be stating that on there as its affecting my credit rating when it has been settled.
  5. It was a debt with Halifax, only around £100. The debt collection agency is 1st Credit Ltd. Thanks
  6. Hope someone can help. After seeing my credit report recently there's a debt on there with a debt collection agency which was settled in 2013. It shows as settled with the company that the debt was with on my credit report but it shows as a default with the debt collection agency. I have contacted them by phone and I gave them proof and 14 days in writing to remove the default and they have still failed to do so. What should I do? Thank you.
  7. A good friend of mine lent me a few thousand pounds back in July. I pay them back a certain amount a month and nothing has been said before about an agreement. Yesterday, out if the blue, he stated that he had drawn up an agreement for me to sign. Should I sign this agreement? I intend on paying back every penny, it just makes me feel that this being brought up all of a sudden is strange, not only because the money has already been lent to me and I've already made a few repayments but also because signing something will make it feel less of a friendship kind of loan if you know what I mean. What would you do? Thank you for your time.
  8. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no one that can counter sign for me. There's only two people 3 people that I've known for over 2 years, one I'm in a relationship with and two friends but one doesn't have a valid passport and the other doesn't meet the requirements for professions.
  9. So does that mean I won't need a counter signature if I fill that in plus a normal passport form?
  10. Thank you for the info, I do have a provisional Driving licence. So I will need to fill out a LS01 form then even though I probably lost my passport a good years ago as I left it at my parents long long ago and like I said it's probably been binned. It would have expired probably 3-4 years ago now. I will do what you have said Martin.
  11. After reading that my last Passport would have lasted for 10 years.
  12. I've just checked online, as my Passport was issued after I was 16 it would have lasted 10 years so it expired only a few years ago, therefore I would have held an adult passport.
  13. I don't know it lasted 5 years, that's just a presumption, I can't remember when it expired I just thought that was the standard time.
  14. No, I applied and got my last Passport when I was 17 so it would have expired at 22 years old. What made me question whether I've had an adult passport before was the fact that I was 17 when I got my last Passport.
  15. Thank you. One question I have is, when I applied for my last Passport, I would have been 17. So my question is have I held an adult passport before? Because I don't know if they go by the year you applied or the year it expired.
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