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  1. Er no ? Last bit/post happened a couple of weeks ago - thought I'd come back and say thanks to the constructive/helpful responders.
  2. Thanks to all those that responded constructively. So the legend went ... Statutory Declaration was heard and agreed. Prior to entering court the offender had an opportunity to speak privately directly with the prosecutor. At this point they fell on their sword, "mea cupla" etc. and prosecutor offered an opportunity to settle out of court In part, I suspect, influenced by offenders admittance, youth and the size of the court fine (very much north of 500) Needless to say the opportunity to settle was grabbed with both hands. And a lesson was learned ...
  3. that sounds like how the legend should go ... the main thing is they do not submit a plea but trigger an adjournment (reset?) - to hope to settle out of court ?
  4. The current occupant of their prior address (a relative) had agreed to forward / notify of mail in general but unfortunately ignored this 'very plain looking' letter and sat on it.
  5. Hi , I heard a legend about something that happened to a friend of a friend: They were stopped on British Rail allegedly without means to pay and intent not to pay, They changed address. Summons Letter went to the wrong address They missed the court date. (A month ago) Only recently. the occupant of previous address notified them of the letter. They have been advised to do the following steps: 1. call the court ask for Statutory Declaration to re-open the case. 2. This will trigger an interview to decide on re-opening and they will be asked for their plea.. 3. Do not submit a plea - but say they want to get legal advice. 4. This will adjourn the case ? This is the bit where the story gets cloudy - does it sound right ? Now its adjourned, they can petition , plead with the rail company to settle out of court and avoid a criminal record? If the rail company refuse then they get one of these 'fare dodger' specialists to help mediate for out of court settlement. Hows that for a story?
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