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  1. interesting luckily for me though it was agreed in the last hearing between myself, the claimant and the judge (the judge ordered it) that the loser would pay the winners costs. So that covers me atleast
  2. thats not stictly true, for example on a mortgage application a default of under £1000 would most likely be ignored, where as a default over £1000 wouldnt
  3. I spoke to the Financial Ombudsman, they were of the same opinion as me. Is reasonable to assume had the default amount been correct at £600 instead of £1100 at the time of me getting new credit, it was reasonable to assume I would have acheived a lower interest rate. It was Lowell that updated the credit file incorrectly and Lowell that refused to change it. Also I just realised , since Lowell withdrew the case, this now makes them liable to pay all of my costs incurred. So I will also be putting in a Costs order against them too
  4. no my credit file said "lowell Financial" the original creditor Shop direct always showed as closed - settled on the credit file the orignal debt was for around 600 after court hearing 1 settlement was around 1100 Lowell imediately updated the credit file to show this This judgement was overturned and lowell failed to correct the amount and refused to after my request. I spoke to the Ombudsman today and they are also of the opinion that lowells mistake has resulted in me taking out finance at a much higher rate due to incorrect entries on my file which lowell were aware o
  5. just to update everyone on this case, after approx 3 appearances in court where I denied the debt was mine and i was the victim of identity theft, Lowell eventually discontinued the claim and the amount has been wiped from my credit file unfortunately lowell made an incorrect entry on my credit file, after the first hearing which i missed due to being on holiday at the time, lowell gained judgement and amended my credit file immediately with the new amount. in my return I got the decision overturned and the case reset again from the beginning. Lowell however did not redu
  6. Hi I purchased a car on finance, the finance provider is Advantage at the end of August 2017 (still within 6 months as of today) Just before Xmas the car developed a fault (burnt out alternator which resulted in total loss of power without warning) The AA tested at the roadside and confirmed the alternator was faulty (it was drawing over 130 amps from the battery) and recovered the vehicle to my home address I had an operation over XMAS and was unable to get the car fixed until 2 days before new years eve. I purchased the new alternator myself (through an ebay seller) and had
  7. haha i guess we will see ill do the £100 on credit card at the clinic and the rest as normal, atleast i can then argue if i need to undr section 75 yes saw rooney needs more but thats because he had it done too young and the hairs that hadnt yet fallen out will continue to do so, so he will probably continue to need transplants until his natural hair loss cycle finishes I have the benefit on being 40 and have shed most of whats likely to come out so fingers crossed I wont need another ! although at Turkish prices its easilly affordable
  8. so from what ethel street posted about the FOS, if i pay £100 in turkey on my credit card and the remainder on my other card, I "should" still be covered by section 75 ?
  9. can either make a bank transfer to their uk bank before i leave, or pay cash / card at the clinic in Turkey. Either way i think it all goes to the Global Medical account in the UK
  10. I have paid the £500 deposit which was done via a direct debit using Gocardless website , payment went to Global Medical, which is a UK registered company according to companies house, still have £2700 left to pay
  11. interesting so I could pay £100 on credit card just incase and argue with my card company if anything goes wrong
  12. not registered with the FCA as far as i can find from searching the FCA database
  13. The Deposit taker was "GLOBAL MEDICAL ASSISTANCE LTD. Company number 08899061" Registered office address 52, Upper Street Upper Street, Business Design Centre - Suite 111n, London, N1 0QH Company status Active Company type Private limited Company Incorporated on 17 February 2014 not sure if they are FCA registered will try and find out
  14. Hi Just after a bit of advice. I have heading out to Turkey next week for a hair transplant. The operation will be in Turkey but the company gethair.co.uk has an office in London which deals with all of the admin and signing up new customers aswell as having a UK bank account. The question is if I paid £100 of the balance on a UK credit card, would I be covered for any shoddy or poor service received in Istanbul. Since the company I have dealt with up until now is technically UK based? Appreciate any thoughts on this thanks
  15. hi honeybee Just waiting for the payout, they arent appealing it. I have the PDF of the Judges writeup and judgement, but not sure if this is something that can be released? I am sure its something that will be publicly accessible anyway after the appeal period has passed?
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