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  1. No he doesn't. That is what he requested from Optima. Court (went in person to obtain paperwork but wasn't given any but left with name of supposed claimant. Told him he should have pushed for the paperwork!) have advised it was Optima. Optima have advised that they were instructed on behalf of MMF. MMF have no record of CCJ on file.
  2. Letter received from Optima stating that the debt has been cleared and that a certificate of satisfaction can be obtained from the court (originally sent October 2014). Nothing showing the intent to file a CCJ or any claim paperwork as requested. If the court have said that the CCJ was ordered by Optima Legal, but they are saying they were being instructed on behalf of Motormile Finance, who have no record of a CCJ, where does one go now to get this resolved?
  3. Update: The court have provided him the information by phone, and are following it up by sending the relevant paperwork by post. CCJ was filed by Optima Legal Services on behalf of Motormile Finance in regards to QQ payday loan. Optima said they no longer represent MMF, unsurprisingly. Motormile have already confirmed to him that they have two settled accounts with him but no record of CCJ so can't help............. He is waiting for the paperwork to come through so he can now send over to MMF.
  4. from what I understand. She took the contract out back in 2006 and then when she got a mobile phone as part of her remuneration package from her employee she let her husband start using the phone and carried on paying for it.
  5. Urgh! Hate my phone....wanted to finish with....but I'm always skeptics that I will get the information I need. But Bazooka I will hold onto positive thoughts
  6. Hehe! It's my partner, who's ex had the phone..... The SAR has gone already so just waiting to see what that brings
  7. Hi Bazooka Unfortunately my partner has identified that she was paying for this contract from her bank statements. The only thing the SAR might identify is that from O2s letter this was an upgrade (original contact was 2006) is that there is no CCA for the handset. She has gone back through her bankstatement and identified that the bill was always around £50. So to suggest call charges of around £400 the month after the last payment seems crazy. O2s letter states that it is not their responsibility to prove this other than to issue a bill and therefore don't keep this on record. So they will surely not send through this information with the SAR. Bit lost as to what to do now
  8. This is a reply to the original request of Info my partner sent to O2 by email (before we knew about this site and SARs. But after reading that I don't hold out much hope of the SAR returning anything of significance that we can use.
  9. I think I have removed everything now. Sorry for being completely inept! 20161013121124680.pdf
  10. Oh bugger! I have just noticed. I will upload again with that information removed. Thankyou!!
  11. This is the response my partner received form O2. 20161013103506751.pdf
  12. Hi Martin ! Thanks for the reply. He has contacted Northampton and they informed him that the case is with Bristol Court. Is it just a case of contacting them then? And they will send out all paperwork?
  13. Evening all Further to raving about this site to a friend and explaining how much help you have been he has looked into a CCJ he has on his file from 2013. From what I understand he didn't know it was there until a little while ago, he rang the court and they gave him the name of the creditor who filed the claim. He has contacted the creditor and they have advised that they have record of two paid up and settled accounts but no record of a CCJ. His file doesn't say who filed the claim (is this normal?) he wants to know the best way of obtaining the necessary proof of who submitted the claim. Any help would be appreciated
  14. Yup they sold them on in 2013 to MKLLP (I have this letter). Previously they had metropolitan (or HSBC collection) and Moorcroft acting as their agents? I'm guessing. How hoist Portfolio have got it I don't know. I wish I had found this forum a long time ago!! SAR is in the post this afternoon. We shall see what they come back with.
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