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  1. Thank you for being so supportive and nice to me. I am absolutely terrified, mortified, every single day, every moment feel like I'm going to hear a knock on the door. I wouldn't know how to cope then, I really wouldn't
  2. But it could still happen right? There is a chance if they found the cctv after the incident and also have the credit card information?
  3. Thank you My doctor gave me more antidepressants and some sleeping meds. I'll go for an evaluatuon and start proper therapy at a centre soon However I am still panicky. Keep checking the news and local police website. I don't want them coming if I'm out with friends and I'm flying somewhere soon too. I feel like I ruined all those plans. The guys at the store were looking as if you can go but we'll hold of this and see you again later :( I will try to stay calm and see what happens. I will update you again in a few weeks in case someone finds this relevant to their situation
  4. I always ruin everything... But thanks for all the support you've given me
  5. Hi guys I'm very sick and worried. What do I say if I get arrested for this? Please tell me before it's too late. I have asked to see my GP to renew prescription but they're too busy and i'll have to check for emergency doc appointments in the morning.
  6. I am newly registered and can't post links but it seems something similar happened to this poor soul and she didn't even buy the item in the end Elizabeth Outram, who was 'dreading exposure on national TV', killed herself on her 30th birthday, an inquest heard A young woman who was 'dreading exposure on national TV' after switching the price tags on a jacket from TK Maxx, killed herself on her 30th birthday, an inquest heard. Elizabeth Outram was found hanged at her home in Hackney, east London, after a night celebrating with friends at the Shard. An inquest at Poplar Coro
  7. Thank you for giving me hope when I have none It means a lot.
  8. Thanks everyone. I'm still worried sick that something happens more in form of public humiliation such as cctv / newspaper than anything. No sleep for the wicked Not sure if I can make it to work I'm very ill
  9. Thank you. I have been to the doctors. I still have a pending appointment for Friday. And that's before this happening. I go to counselling too. Though for various issues. This was just the tip of the iceberg. I was hoping you weren't being positive just to calm me down and you really believe there is no way they'd get the police involved at this point. Not even a small chance? Because knowing my luck, if there's anything bad, it's sure to happen to me ��������
  10. Well they do have the footage regardless of how little they can be bothered. I felt like taking the thing off his hand and ripping it to shreds as I couldn't understand why he was so much holding onto it. And whilst they didn't incur a loss, attempt is just as bad so I'm scared if they were to involve the police for the hell of it...
  11. Yes. A lot. I cannot even breathe all day been worried sick. This is the last thing I needed. The guy who dropped the sticker on the floor and picked it up again, certainly wanted to do something with it. He could have noted the time and item(s) purchased and since I paid by credit card i could be identifiable that way. I know this is all my fault and i need all the bad stuff that comes my way I'm worried they find that cctv and post it even though they incurred no loss and I bought a ton of Halloween stuff. This thing came in two parts and I wanted one so thoug
  12. The decoration came in two parts I don't even know why I did that and then voluntarily showed him both stickers and the part I was looking to get. He seemed polite though, I almost forgot my credit card at the till and he reminded me BUT I did not like how he was communicating with the other assistant and even for a second the second sticker fell on the floor and he picked it up. I felt he was gonna fill in a white A4 with details and I'm scared they review the cctv or get the police to stream it to identify me. I didn't run away from the store or anything if t
  13. Did not mean to sound demanding so so sorry. I am very panicky that's all any help appreciated on what to do or what could happen
  14. I put another sticker on top of a house ornament at tkmaxx then got that and a couple of other correctly priced items to the till. Assistant noticed and removed said sticker I paid correct price for all and left They did not say anything to me at all but kept the other sticker and were eyeing up their colleague Will they review cctv and I get in trouble? What could happen please help I will go to another branch and return everything later. I am quite panicking. Again I paid all as I should. Please help Help me
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