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  1. Thanks. I have learnt my lesson and never again will i do such as i have not recovered uptil now.
  2. Ok thanks for you help. I do appreaciate. You have been helpful Ok thanks for the advise. U have been really hlpful.
  3. Ok thank you. Please what is the posibility they find a mismatch? As there was no finger print or DNA done.and this happened 2days ago. Do you think they will still be on the case? And this happened 2days ago. Do you think they will still be on the case?
  4. New here where is the appropriate forum pls To be older than 18. And the store got the goods back. I did give a wrong date of birth so that my information wl not be pulled out on there system. Just worried as the police said it will be recorded on there system and i wl have a record. Name of the store is boots. Store is boots
  5. Yes the police issued a caution and stated i will have a criminal record but no fixed fine as it eas above 100pounds.
  6. Hello. Pleaae wl like to know what happens if u caught shiplifting and the total value is 205pounds. Then you gave wrong date of birth and correct address. But the police officer only gave a caution The shop gave a banned letter for one year and also stating that a fine will be paid and i will be contacted by RLP. Please is there anything to be worried about . The police only metioned avre arrest if i fail to pay the fine. Please is there anything to worry about? A picture was also taken and was told to go and to do it again. Is there any future imp
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