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  1. Some of my LL's post has always come to the house, passed on to her periodically. My housemate accidentally opened a letter for the LL and it said that the interest only mortgage on the house has expired and there is a large lump sum to pay! I contacted LL, she said this has come out of the blue and that she had not received any of the forwarded letters. Also said she changed to a BTL mortgage 10 years ago. Didn't give a straight answer when I asked if it was BTL why were the letters etc coming to the rented address. She said she would try to extend the term, but I know she has been having financial problems and she is over retirement age. What are my rights? Worst case scenario say the mortgage lender want to repossess, what could happen to me? I have an AST agreement and my rent is paid up to date.
  2. I am enquiring on behalf of a friend who recently changed employer - he is still doing the same job but through a sub contractor. When he finished, under the instruction of a supervisor, he left electronic items he had been provided with by the employer in the company office. He has since been informed that these items have gone missing and so he owes them over £1000 and his last weeks wages were withheld to go towards this amount. Are the company allowed to do that and is there anything he can do to appeal this? Thank you for any advice.
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