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  1. UPDATE: Received a notice today from Mortimer on behalf of Crapbot, they have been instructed to discontinue proceedings. Attached was a copy of the Notice of Discontinuance they sent to the County Cort Business Centre. Massive thanks to all for advice and a donation will be made. Thanks
  2. Looks like my statement of facts to FOS needs to be expanded to more than just mis-selling.
  3. Hi Again, Having read the link you posted and gone over the pre-contract explanation document and agreement as well as the actual agreement sent from Santander nowhere is the GAP or Warranty worded as such. They are mentioned as 'Extras' and 'Motor Insurance on the agreements which I posted above. They are not split as per the example in the link into there contitutant parts of Amount of Credit, Repayments, Total Amount Payable, APR Rate or Cash Price of Policy. They have all been lumped under one total sum of 'Amount of Credit £10,296.99, Total amount payable £14974.80 Repayabl
  4. Hi DX, What practically can i do about this? I'd love to give the car back to them and walk away from the whole sorry mess. Obviously FOS complaint is now initiated and they will have the full pack of documentation and history of the case early next week. Thanks as always.
  5. UPDATE: Reply form FOS regarding cheques sent as Gesture of Goodwill. As the offer is a gesture of goodwill then you can accept it at this time. If we deem more should be owed then we will ask them to pay the difference. However, you can discuss the amount with CarShop before cashing the cheques if you wish, then you are entitled to do so.
  6. UPDATE: Received a reply from a very helpful gentleman at the FOS, he has sent me forms to complete with details of the case. There will be separate cases for the GAP Insurance and the Warranty. Just about to fill in and send the whole package off. The two cheques received are still with me and I'm waiting for clarification whether to send these to the FOS as part of the evidence. I have heard nothing from Satander other than acknowledgment of the complaint sent to them as well as CARSHOP. They still keep taking the payments. I will update on any news.
  7. Hi DX, Post #33 has the agreement and it also includes the pre-contract page that differs from the agreement received from Santander. Page 1 & 2 of the PDF are the agreement pages and page 3 is the page from the pre-contract that differs in the apportion of the figures. Here is the attachment again. I can scan in the whole lot if you wish. Thanks carshop attachment.pdf
  8. I already have a case number from the FOS, they recommended trying to deal with Crapshop first before going back to them if not happy with the outcome. Obviously I'm not happy, this has peed me off big time and I want to take this all the way. I've not banked the cheque by the way, do you still think this could be done as part payment of the claim. Thanks again, appreciated.
  9. Do Satander have any obligation to do this, isn't the Warranty and GAP insurance just another product on the Finance agreement. Any tips on the approach?
  10. Hi DX, Thanks for the above. They are not offering a refund of the first 19 months only a pro rata of what is remaining on the term. Cancellation on cashing the cheque as per the second page of the offer letter in post #19. Do you need this in PDF as the other files at #19 are jpg's The whole £1118.00 plus interest over 54 months of £442.60 is part of the finance agreement that runs for 54 months so I will be paid in total £1560.60 at the end of the agreement. Their refund offer totals £764.06 meaning I have will paid £796.54 for a product I was duped into having by the end
  11. I do have separate signed documentation for the GAP and Warranty but as I said this was done as it was explained it was a condition of the finance which we now know is utter rubbish.
  12. It not listed specifically, it is listed in the VAT details as Extras for the GAP and Motor Insurance for the warranty. On the pre contract they were both put together under Motor Insurance.
  13. Here you go. This is the agreement received back from Santander by post a few days after the sale. I have just noticed that the pre-contract credit information given on the day of the sale differs in the description on page 2 under VAT Details. I thought the contents had to be the same? It did not alter the end payments. carshop attachment.pdf
  14. Hi DX, I think I have that worked out just now. I can still scan up later if you wish Total claimed £1118.00 + Interest on finance for this sum @ 15.53% (17.9APR on agreement) of £442.50 = £1560.60 in total Their offer of £601.62 + their calculation of interest (which is wrong) of £162.44 = £764.06 in total As advised I have a cheque for the £601.62 in my hand and the remainder of £162.44 is on its way according to their response. I want to take this the whole way so suggestions on next steps please seeing as this is their final offer. Thanks as always
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