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  1. oh god no ! im a agoraphobic for one plus there not nice people . drugs exec . council estate . will see my mum tomoz so will ask her if she can go libary for me x
  2. i don't have a printer . or i would have done . im not very tech savvy . he was quite rude tbh , but i suppose from his point i left it last minute . i did ask friends on fb if ever had cabot and i clearly left it latx its my own fault i should have fount this site earlier
  3. it just says mr bodenham and a mobile number. when i spoke to the court lady she said yes thats the bailiff. its from county court buisness center leicester
  4. rang the court they sending forms out for me . rang bailiff to explain about getting forms he said he still be out anyway as relying on royal mail to get forms in time blah blah blah . ! not a helpful man so doors will be locked till forms filled and sorted .
  5. thanks yes i am on a low income . i think the best option is to set aside as andy said . thanks
  6. hi . no i have lived here for 9 years now the debt is £758 and yes im sure it is from jd williams a cataloge . i am sure it had ppi but its been a while
  7. it does. it says if not paid before 6/10/16 the bailiff will call and may remove goods i think it a old catalouge it dont say .
  8. had a letter from cabot it says they will send a bailiff . i have never had cabot so ignored letters. after searching google i see they collect debt . but can i stop this and how . i am bipolar so as you can imagine this has tipped me over the edge
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