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  1. Already put the new file up, the old file is 199.6 KB in size, the new one 200.6 KB, thank you kindly sir
  2. Have edited the 2nd file & uploaded it, but can't see how to delete the original upload &/or the message with the upload contained within??? BTW thanks guys for your help & tips, just what this issue with them to go away..
  3. Anyone got any advice Please ref the upload/s & letter/s, worried if I don’t’ reply to them, they will take it to court, I really don’t need all the hassle & really don’t still know where I stand with both companies???
  4. The second company I’m dealing with being Link, I was paying for 2 accounts with them since Sep 2016, again I sent off the CCA Request on the 21/07/2017, have a copy of the signature for the recorded letter from them on the 24/07/2017, wasn’t sure what was going on as I didn’t hear from them ref the CCA Request at first, then noticed in statements from them , they used the £1.00 postal order attached to the CCA Request, & took it off the balance owed, later they took it back off. Stopped & cancelled all payments to them in Jul & Sep 2017. See attached PDF file (CCA Reply & Follow Up 16-10-2017), in the top left corner of the scans the ‘01A’ refers to one of the accounts with them, & the other with ‘02B’ refers to the other account, there is different paper work for the accounts, so just trying to make it make sense to whoever reads it.. Link eventually replied ref the CCA request in Oct 2017, then got other letters see within the PDF, getting worried has they saying they made take it to Court! Any more help I would really appreciate please. By the way, have checked with Clearscore, only Link shows up on there, & states up until last night no missed payments, the other with Hoist, doesn’t even show on Clearscore… CCA Reply & Follow Up 16-10-2017.pdf
  5. Ok here goes, dealing with 2 different companies & 3 amounts of money. First Moorcroft & Hoist, I have made no payment to them at all so far, sent CCA Request on 21/07/2017, Hoist replied on the 24/07/2018, never heard from them or Moorcroft until Thursday this week, see PDF (CCA Reply & Follow Up 03C). The first page is the letter from Hoist on 24/07/2017, the rest are the letters I got in one envelope from Moorcroft on Thursday this week, part of the pack is one letter from Barclaycard with my name & address on it, dated 31 Jan 2018, seems like they are saying Barclaycard sent me this, but I can confirm I have not hear from Barclaycard since the last payment to them in 2017. Hope the attached file makes sense, going to do another message & upload for the other company, all the paperwork is confusing me already, sorry. CCA Reply & Follow Up 03C.pdf
  6. Sorry for the other thread,.. Will scan all the documents tomorrow, & post up. I thought I had posted the information from the original message when I sent the CCA Request/s off, will gathering that info tomorrow also..
  7. With Legal wording & jargon I really struggle to understand... But in July/Aug 2017 I sent off some CCA Request/s, to 3 companies all replied that they couldn't provide me with the necessary information at the time, Never heard from one of the companies until today (15/Mar/12018), today received a letter from one of the companies I was dealing with, (letter dated 6th Mar, with postmark of 8th Mar) but again only got today 15th Mar, which looks like they now have the information ref the CCA Request & giving me 14 days to contact them ref the debt. I thought they needed to provide the information requested within the timeline of the CCA Request, I suppose I am wrong though. Does anyone have any help on this question please???
  8. New here, been reading some posts, but so much info, getting confused.. Well over 10 years ago, had 3 Credit Cards, 2 were with Barclaycard directly, another via another company, but at some point Barclaycard took that card over also... In the last 5 years at least have had a payment plan with Barclaycard with all 3 accounts, as I could no longer afford the monthly amounts along with interest, in Dec 2016 Barclaycard passed 2 of the accounts over to Link Financial, paying one at £50.00 a month the other at £100.00 which is what I was paying Barclaycard In June this year Barclaycard passed the last one to a Hoist Portfolio Holding Limited, who in turn immediately passed it to Moorcroft Debt Recovery Limited I own £1866.75, was paying this at £53.00 every month to Barclaycard, they now sending Letters asking for payment/flexible approach etc What upsets me about all this, I've never missed a payment with Barclaycard, may be a date but doubled it with the next one, my bank account goes from Black one week to Red the next.. So have no spare cash to play around with, Barclaycard was getting their money back, just not quickly. Now have payment details with Moorcroft via account details, web page etc, not yet contacted them, but don't what to fall behind with them just to incur interest etc, so making the amount owed even more & will then take me even longer to pay off.. Can anyone please help me, not sure what to do...
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