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  1. Great. I thought that would be the case. But they either don't have or make it very difficult to find the cancellation policy on their site. Cheers.
  2. I signed up today. Made one payment online as requested. And have no goods yet.
  3. Hi. My first post here. I had a browse on the perfect home site and checked out the price of something I'm interested in. I came to the part where it mentions about id, and at this point I decided not to bother as I mainly operate paperless. an hour or so passes by and I receive a call from them saying they noticed I hadn't purchased anything to which I explain the paperless problem. The polite lady began explaining that I can take pics of my digital proofs and upload them to the site and do it that way. I decided fill out an application, made my first payment, and was told someone will call to sort out identity. Long story short, feel lied to, have read the horror stories and no longer wish to proceed. Where exactly do I stand with regards to calling up the local shop and saying nope, have changed my mind. Thanks in advance.
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