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  1. He has not received the letter, the postman left him a "while yoy were out card" so he has to pick it up from the post office. What do I do if he doesn't or if I don't get a response from him?
  2. I used a template frim citizensadvisor so that word isn't actually in the letter. It says I want a refund
  3. It says rejecting in accordance with consumer rights 2015.
  4. I sent him a faulty goods complaint letter stating that I want a refund. I am waiting for his response.
  5. Do you know how much that would cost? Just to know if it's worth it
  6. Ok, so I called the bank for a charceback (because it's a debit card) and they said I need the receipt wich I have, a report from the service wich they gave me and proof that I returned the car. How do I get that?
  7. The invoice I have from the seller says "test driven, checked, teade sale as seen, all future repairs will be done by the buyer". Does this cancel my right to a repair/refund?
  8. I paid 395 by card and 200 in cash. Does it make a difference? I am thinking that he could say that I damaged the car and he would not want to repair it/refund me.
  9. Doesn't anybody have any advice? I would like to know at least if I have the right to claim anything from him. Beeing the head gasket that has broken some may argue that I caused the fault.
  10. Hello. My name is Alex, I bought a Skoda Fabia 1.4 mpi on the 12 of september for 600£ from a local car dealer. I checked online and has MOT until aug 2017. He said he won't give me warranty as he only does for cars worth over 1000£ but if I have any problems to just go back to him. Aftet 2 weeks after a 15 min drive it started to over heat. I stopped and checked coolant level, and then took it to the nearest service. They told me it's the thermostat and head gasket and it would cost me over 400£ to fix it. I called the guy who sold me the car and he said he would take it to another shop. The problem is that I believe he should support the cost of the repairs or give me a refund for the car as only 2 weeks have passed since the purchase until it had broken down. What is my next legal step if he does not want to do either?
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