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  1. Sounds like good advice,printed evidence sounds like a plan. Like i say i have been searching but dont like them accessing private and personel sites. Just un ticked the box on universal site,should go down well with them on monday! Many thanks.
  2. Thanks mate you are on the money with you're thoughts i think.Gonna block them from my universal account and demand everything they request to be on headed paper and signed,call there bluff so to speak. Thanks again for everybodys help.
  3. Thanks for advice so far. I just really have got nothing to hide,as i said i even let them see all my job searches on job match. The thing is even with ref numbers etc they are basicly saying i could be making it up and it is not evidence. Also wanting access to my indeed etc accounts must surely be breaking a data protection act? How is the job info on my job match not evidence even though they check it fortnightly when i sign on?? Im at a total loss of my rights here,the jobs i have applied for are saved in my accounts of indeed etc are they allowed to force me to let them have access to these accounts? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello really need help with this matter. I recently signed on was informed by my adviser that i would have to see someone from upstairs about 'intensive job search training'. I asked what it was she responded in saying its just **** from upstairs who will go through stuff on the computers, for a bit support. I asked if it was compulsory she said when you are told to come in you have to. i went to the appointment was met by lady upstairs, she then took me down onto the computers and asked me to log into my UJM account, i did that she asked me how i looked for jobs I said i log on here every day and use indeed, cv library etc. wanted to look at my CV and said it could be better ,i responded by saying my adviser was happy with it said nothing to do with her and this is the reason i was not getting interviews! told me i need to go on a CV building course. said log into your indeed account, i said i cant i dont know my password as i use it on my phone and its automaticly logged in all the time. demanded me to show me it on my phone, alarm bells were ringing at this stage! I said no as im sure there was a data protection law about that, asked what i was hiding, i replied nothing and asked her when my 'training' was going to start. she wanted proof of my job searches i asked why and she said because i need to see them. Ok i said look on my UJS as i have put them in the diary section bit i fill in every day. said that is not evidence as it could be made up!! I was furious how dare her accuse me of lying! We ended up back upstairs as she said we are going around in circles and i was being very un helpful. She give me an appointment for next monday and to bring evidence of my job searching or else. I asked what i have done wrong i was here for training which turned into a witch hunt, she told me interview over and got security to ask me to leave which i did but was left confused,shocked and angry. I have done everything they have asked since i signed up, im in my mid 40s and have worked all my life, i am frightened about sanctions etc and dont know where to turn. Please can you give me any advice on this matter, sorry to waffle but need to try and give you the full story. Cheers in advance.
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