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  1. The bank used experian and I have tried to check it with that, but it won't work because they said they can't 'verify' me and I will need more proof to receive the copy or the history. I recently turned 18 (just a month) and I'm not on the electoral roll so i'm not sure if it has any effect on the credit score. I have also used clearscore as recommended but they said I don't have a credit history... I phoned the bank today and they were very unhelpful and that the reasons are confidential. I will try again at the branch tomorrow but if it doesn't change, I will apply to santander instea
  2. a year ago, I shoplifted a store and got given a letter from RLP to pay a fine about 147 pounds.. . as I have been to this forum a numerous of times I got given advices to ignore the letters and not pay for it. Fast forward, i'm trying to apply for a student account in a bank as I will be off to university in a few weeks but I received a letter from the bank that I am not eligible to get one as I have an awful credit score. I have never had a credit card yet only a debit card, and I have no history of debt.. ...however I'm worried now that because I didn't pay RLP (if its a
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