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  1. That said, think you're right to walk away and let sleeping dogs lie. It's not worth the hassle and a higher court judgement could set a binding precedent (so if you lose it will effect other innocent motorists!). Plus...taking it any further isn't going to financially hurt Mr Hargreaves - on 'my day in court' he had 5 cases, of which only two people turned up ! Easy £450 minimum for him, it's a numbers game from his point of view !
  2. Terrible news, sorry to hear you lost NWIT. Massively inconsistent judgements being made by the Manchester County Court - I won with no issues. Judge tore their signs to pieces (following my evidence), made it clear that they were inadequate in the offer of a contract, therefore no contract was (could ever be) formed. So, it shouldn't matter about 'grace periods' - there shouldn't have ever been a contract !
  3. Great news - well done Ginger !!! Let us know the details when you get chance Congratulations !
  4. I'm working on my defence next week - will share it when I'm done (in time for Ginger's hearing). Ginger - could you share the full details of your confirmation from the council that Spinningfields area is an adopted highway - this would help my defence a lot. Thanks. PS - I just rang the court and Gladdys have paid the hearing fee for my case in early December !
  5. Hi guys, brief update... Same experience as NW IT and Ginger so far, ESP & Gladdys requested for hearing to be on paper - I've returned all my forms to the court and objected to the on paper hearing - only sent last week so haven't heard anything back yet. One thing that did make me chuckle though, Gladdys responded via email to my online MCOL defence at 9:02am (was submitted at 3pm day before) stating that their client intends to proceed and attaching copies of their Directions Questionnaire, just shows how much "careful consideration" went into that decision !
  6. Hi Billy, what were the details of your case ? I, along with Giner and NW IT Consultant are just about to go through it, so sharing your experience would help (me at least). I've just sent my form to the courts along with letter to object to an 'on paper' hearing. Only sent today, so guess it'll be a wee while before a date is set etc..... Any specifics from your defence that could help ? Cheers
  7. In accordance with CPR 31.15© I undertake to be responsible for your reasonable copying costs incurred in complying with this CPR 31.14 request. Sorry, I'm a novice here - isn't this saying I will pick up costs incurred ? Thanks
  8. Should I change VCS to ES Parking ? (Or does VCS refer to something else?) Also, if we assume that they do send me all this stuff (and invoice me / increase claim cost) what will I do with all that information ? Or is this just a tactic to show the court that they've not provided relevant info for me to make an informed decision ? Cheers
  9. At first I didn't realise I could acknowlede first and propose a defence at a later stage - little bit of panic set in ! Ah ok, thanks - I had counted claim date as day zero, not day one. Yeah - there's been letter tennis but they've never responded or acknowledged any of mine. I havn't done the CRP 31:14 as only found out today that I had a court claim against me - having read a couple of Threads around ES - is there any point in sending this as they will decline the request or completely ignore (as per my other letters) ? Guess it won't do any harm though - what do you think ? Thanks PS - do you think points 2 and 4 of my defence are valid arguements ?
  10. Thanks dx - here you go : Name of the Claimant : ES Parking Enforcement Limited Date of issue : 12th Sept 16 Key dates : Acknowledgment required by the 1st Oct (I have acknowledged claim today - 27th Sept), defence required by the 15th Oct. What is the claim for / verbatim particulars of claim : Total due : £150 AND THE CLAIMANT CLAIMS The claimant claims the sum of £152 for parking charges and indemnity costs if applicable including interest of £2.07 interest pursuant to S.69 of the County Court Act 1984 Rate 8.00% from dates above to 05/09/16 Same rate to Judgement or (sooner) payment Daily rate to Judgement £0.03 Total debt and interest £152.07 What is the value of the claim? Claim : £152.07 Court fee :£25 Legal representation costs : £50 Total amount : £227.07 Has the claim been issued by the original creditor or was the account assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim ? Original creditor (ES Parking is claimant) Were you aware the account had been assigned – did you receive a Notice of Assignment? N/A
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