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  1. Thank you dx. I hate DCA's and I will fight them with all I've got rather than give them a penny of my money. This CCJ is over 6 years old now, so I think would have to go in front of a judge if they want to enforce which would mean proving assignment. I'm hoping they'll just bugger off now but know that is unlikely and it'll be passed on to someone else to try their dirty tricks.
  2. Just an update on my case # 2 above. I've been in communication with Asset Link's solicitors [Kearns] basically refusing to pay them a penny until they prove assignment. They threatened to go back to court to enforce the CCJ and I told them to go ahead as I would welcome the chance to go back to court to see the proof asked for. Got a letter today from Kearns telling me they are returning the account back to Link Financial Outsourcing Ltd as servicer on behalf of Asset Link.
  3. Clearscore and Noodle are both Free Credit Reference Agencies and will have all your credit history on file for the last 6 years.
  4. Regarding Case 2 with Asset Link, I thought I'd just add an update. Even though there is a CCJ attached to this debt, I contacted Asset Link with a CCA request which they have failed to deliver on - despite contacting me saying they would do so within 30 days. Their solictors [Kearns] got a similar letter from me saying that I refuse to pay them anything until they can prove that assignment was done legally and within the terms of my agreement with Lloyds. Kearns have now responded and told me that they have contacted their clients to get a copy of the agreement and deed of assignment [their words] and will send me a copy of both once they've received them. Good luck with that I say.
  5. It's there in black and white. They can't take you to court so just ignore them. They can do nothing and will probably pass this either back to Lloyds or another bloodsucker.
  6. If I were you I would just stop paying and ignore Moorcrap. Lloyds would have taken you to court long before now and Moorcrap can do nothing. They'll eventually return the debt to Lloyds who will probably pass it on to another blood sucker.
  7. Dorabell - did the SAR give you any useful information? I'm in a very similar situation to you with LTSB - see my thread. Just got another letter from Moorcrap this morning noting that I've paid their client direct and not them. Shame.
  8. The court never notified me [Northampton], which is why I suggest you ring them every few weeks to check. These varying orders by Asset Link were done in bulk and not on an individual basis.[removed]if you ask me as they haven't needed to present to a judge any evidence that they own the debts in the first place.
  9. Something important to consider here. No doubt a hell of a lot of Lloyds debts have been sold to Asset Link recently. A lot of these debts will have CCJ's attached. Asset Link WILL have those CCJ's amended to show them as the claimants. I only know this because I contacted the court to find out. If I hadn't, I would have had no idea and I suspect that is the reality for the majority of customers. Now, if Asset Link decide to enforce these CCJ's - and some will have C/O's attached, I foresee that there will be quite a few problems up ahead to those that are unaware of the change of claimant. In my case, the CCJ is nearly 6 years old and I suspect that if they try to enforce the CCJ, it won't be plain sailing. After all, I've paid the claimants nothing over the past 5+ years [i've paid LTSB plenty mind:wink:] - and I hear that judges don't take kindly to enforcement after such time or am I wrong?
  10. Yes that may be a good idea. I assume it's their head office I write to? Thanks,
  11. Well I'm not paying Asset Link. Let them do their worst. I'm past caring to be honest.
  12. Keep an eye on it mate. Asset Link bought my debt from LTSB in June 2016 but the CCJ didn't change until the middle of August. Northampton Court are clueless too and gave me the runaround once it was changed. I've started my own thread so as not to hijack your. Good luck - I'll be following this with interest.
  13. I have two cases with LTSB which are quite complex so please bear with me. Case 1: LTSB credit card debt pre 2007 - CCJ obtained by defaul at Northampton in 2011. I intially defended and it went to a full hearing which I couldn't attend due to family issues and my ental state at the time. They sent some big-time lawyer to the case which added £4K to the CCJ bringing it to near £19K with no interest payable. Got a variation order and have been paying £50 a month since 2012 without missing a month. Debt now approx £16.5K. I got a leteer last week from Lloyds saying they are passing the debt on to Moorcroft to collect. Why would they do that? It's not like I'm going to pay Moorcroft over a Court order? I'll obviously ignore Moorcrap, but am wondering what Lloyds are doing here? this CCJ dosen't show on ANY of my credit files or trustonline but does exist - I phoned the relevant court to see if there's been any movement on the CCJ and there hasn't. LTSB contacted me back in 2014 to tell me that their solicitor has been changed and that the court has been infomed. Well the court knew nothing about that when I phoned them a couple of weeks back so wonder if I can use that in some way? Case 2 Loan with LTSB - CCJ obtained 2011 - not defended as post 2007 - going through a bad time as above. Had the CCJ varied to pay £25 per month which I've paid without fail since. Got a letter from Asset Link in early July this year saying that they have bought the debt from Lloyds. In the same envelope was a letter from Lloyds saying the same thing. Contacted the court [Northampton] to see if there was any movement and they said no, everything was the same as 2011. Well, on a whim a couple of weeks ago, I phoned them back again and was told that the claimant was now Asset Link and had been since 2011 I was on the phone for over an hour with this guy telling me that I had obviously made a mistake and that LTSB were NEVER claimants. Finally he found a note on the file which was a bulk order from a judge changing the claimant from LTSB to Asset Link on a lot of accounts - not just mine. If I hadn't contacted the court, I would have known nothing about this - surely some CPR has been broken here? I have also contacted Asset Link asking for the original credit agreement from LTSB and the current statement of my account. They replied saying it would take them up to 30 days to get the info - it's been over 50 days now so it looks like they don't have it. Their solicitors have also contacted me telling me it's important to keep up my regular payments to the new claimant. I'm sorely tempted to just give up on these two debts. The total is just over £20K and even paying £75 a month as I have been, will take me over 20 years to pay. I'm self employed on low income, don't drive and have little in the way of assets for bailiffs to seize and I rent my home - so in all honesty, what have I got to lose? If you need any letters posted up, just let me know. Thanks for reading and I appreciate any help and advice you give.
  14. You might wish to check with the court regarding Asset Link. I'm in pretty much exactly the same situation except I don't own my own home. LTSB sold one of my debts to Asset Link and the CCJ now shows them as the claimant from the start according to Northampton. The physical copy I hold in my hand though shows LTSB as the claimant so Asset can go hang. My other CCJ - much larger amount - has also been passed to Moorcroft. No idea why as I've been paying £50 every month for over 4 years without fail and I won't be dealing with or paying any third party. I'm sorely tempted to just stop paying both alltogether as it will take me many years to pay both of these off. I'm self-employed and on a low income, rent my home and have little assets even if I let bailiffs in - which I wouldn't in any case. What's the worse that could happen?
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