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  1. As I said this is the third time I have filled out the esa50, so does this mean they will just keep re-assessing me over and over??
  2. It is extremely frustrating! If I was placed in the Wrag group for a 6 month review period then surely they should have told me that in the letter I received after my assessment. My condition hasn’t changed in that time- I suffer from epilepsy( which is triggered by stress!) and anxiety and depression. As far as I’m concerned they have not done what they claimed they would and “support” me to get back into work. How do I know if my job centre are changing to UC and is that replacing esa?? The system is so messed up.
  3. I had my 2nd WCA in December 2017 after filling in and returning my 2nd ESA50 form. The assessment went well and in February 2018 I received a letter from the dwp saying I was in the work related group and I would have an appointment with my advisor soon. I received a letter with an appointment in August. I went to said appointment although I was given the wrong information and told my advisor wasn’t in (even though I found out later he was in the building the whole time) and was sent to see someone else who saw me for 5 mins and took a few basic details. Now in Septemb
  4. the claim form is dated 19th may 2015, so does that mean if the debt was statute barred before then then i wont have to pay anything?
  5. the capital one credit card expired 11/09 so surely i wouldn't have made any further payments after then and i Didnt get a new card so it must have defaulted around that time or before?
  6. I am going to email them across now I've finally completed the form. If it turns out the debt is statute barred and I've sent these forms will I still have to pay the installments?
  7. I sent an email to Lowell explaining the situation. I struggle to make phone calls because of my anxiety.
  8. I have just logged onto my Lowell account out of curiosity and now on my account I am able to set up a payment plan. Before it just used to say that the debt was with lowell solicitors...does this mean anything??
  9. so how much do i get extra for it? will it be on any forms i have from the job centre regarding my esa?
  10. ok I have done that. just a question, what if i have other outstanding debts but i have not sorted out a payment plan with them yet? i was in the WRAG group esa, and i have just completed another medical questionnaire and i am waiting to hear from them. I havent had incapacity benefit or similar
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