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  1. Hi, On 27/4/18 I was stopped by a Police traffic car as the car I had just bought and was driving was untaxed. I had no idea the rules had changed, it was insured in my name and the police officer let me continue on the basis that I taxed the car imeadiately, which I did. I've received a letter dated 19/9/16 from DVLA saying that I was stopped in an untaxed car and have to pay an out of court settlement of £376 by 6/10/16. The letter has the wrong registration number (similar, but wrong) and an incorrect spelling of my surname. Do any of these details mean could avoid paying/stop the offence/payment? It seems a long time from the offence to the commencement of their action. Also feels harsh that the police officer said just to get it taxed. Thanks for any help locostmike
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