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  1. Hi guys I've received the below email from DW Fitness customer services following the letter I sent to them: This email is in relation to your DW gym membership and as a follow up from the letter that you had sent to head office. I understand that you have been made redundant and have tried calling several times, without success to cancel the membership. As of right now, the only notice we have of your cancellation request is from 19/06/2016, if we used this date to set up your cancellation, it would mean that your final payment would be July as the system would block June
  2. Hi Slick Thanks so much for your help! I'll post the letter tomorrow and obtain proof from the post office. If I hear anything else shall I post an update? Kind regards Ady
  3. Hi Slick I've drafted the below letter - would this be ok to send to Head Office? Is there a governing body I can state I would raise a complaint with if they refuse to play ball? _________ Dear Sir/Madam Membership number 452000****** DOB ******* Club: London Waldorf I emailed you in June to cancel my membership, having been told in the club (Aldwych) that I could not cancel in club or even by letter and would need to call customer services. I also was informed by your club staff that the customer service telephone line was always busy, and that head office was sho
  4. Hi Slick The redundancy date was the end of June, around 25th. I spoke to club management around 1st June when I was having problems getting through to customer services in the phone, I asked if I could do it in the club and she said no. I refused to pay, as I couldn't get through on the phone, was losing my job and I was restricted getting access to the club for about the last week or two of my membership. I asked that given these circumstances they could just cancel from May, but she said she didn't have the authority to do this. Thanks Ady
  5. Hi Slick Thanks so much for the speedy reply! To answer your questions, I spoke to the club manager in person and later on the phone when she stated she could take a payment over the phone (the club phoned me numerous times and left a fair few voicemails) of one further month's membership (£48) otherwise it would be passed to debt collection. I was denied access to the club not long after I cancelled the DD, I would say approx 20th June. I hope this helps! Kind regards Ady
  6. Hi Guys I have seen you have had a fair few DW fitness problems, here's another one, sorry! Any help would be appreciated. I joined LA fitness gym back in 2013, on a year contract, and subsequently onto a month's notice 'rolling contract' from 2015. LA fitness was bought out by PureGym, however my club in London was taken over by DW fitness. I left my job in June due to redundancy, and called many times to cancel my membership,, to no avail. I called from my previous work phone, on each occasion, which now means unfortunately I do not have any proof of these calls. After t
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