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  1. Hi, It’s been a while but not been a great time for me recently and still fighting a number of battles however. I can confirm the following update. LBS 3 months ago accepted £7,000 to release me from my liability on the mortage shortfall. True to their word they sent me a letter and an email confirming I am no longer lliable. “Thank you for your payment of £7,000.00, which was received by the Society on 7th March 2018 and has been credited to your account. “ i am pleased to confirm that your liability to the Society has now been settled and the credit reference agencies have been updated with this information. As previously advised In order to provide assurances to you that you will not be approached at a future date for any remaining balance, I confirm that we have undertaken an internal process which splits the account between both parties and the balance apportioned to you now reflects the settlement payment received and shows zero balance” My credit files now shows this as settled. It’s been a struggle with LBS but one think I can say is they have been fantastic throughout, very understanding and have always kept to their word I thank you all again for the help and advice and hopefully I will have updates on some others soon, it’s the smaller ones that seem to be the nightmares.
  2. Hi Andyorch This was an overdraft from a joint Lloyd’s account. An account that wasn’t closed after the divorce. Many thanks
  3. Many thanks, I’ve read through the post and can see the issue however if Cabot agree to close the whole account based on my £250 offer would that not then be ok? Christ it’s just so confusing
  4. Oh really? I don’t understand? I’ve asked that the account be closed and actually received this today..so I could still end up in court? Thought this may be the end of it! “ am writing in regards to the settlement of your account and apologise you did not get your questions confirmed. I am pleased to confirm that we will accept £250.00 as final settlement of this account, payment to be received no later than 30th March 2018. We would respectfully request that you contact us prior to the agreed settlement date, to confirm acceptance of the approved settlement offer. You can either call us on the number provided below, email us at cabotcustomer@cabotfinancial.com or alternatively write to us at Cabot Financial (Europe) Limited, PO Box No. 241, West Malling, Kent, ME19 4NA. The relevant Credit Reference Bureaux will be updated to show that this account has a zero balance and is partially settled with us. Please bear in mind that this can take up to six weeks from the clearance of your payment. If for any reason your payment is not received by this date, the arrangement will be cancelled and the full balance will become due for payment. I can also advise we will not pass this debt on to any other associate company or take any further action. I trust that this is sufficient for your records and look forward to your reply. Kind regards
  5. Yes debt isn’t in Cabot’s name yet? I have had a letter (from Lloyd’s) stating Lloyd’s have now assigned this to Cabot? My offer is to settle the full outstanding? However if they agree to just settle my liability I’m fine with that?
  6. Yes, by Lloyds as they apparently didn’t have a forwarding address for me and the ex wife ignored letters (joint account) but just had enough of Cabot! It’s taken 2 years battling a £6,000 debt which they finally they wrote to me (last week) confirming they couldn’t provide the CCA! This is the final debt with them so would rather get this off the desk! I just feel the wording isn’t very clear?
  7. Hi, Can anybody advise on this? This is another debt Cabot are chasing it’s from an old joint account from before my divorce it’s an outstanding debt for £486 and has to be paid, old Lloyd’s account (3 years old) sold to Cabot I received the letter from Lloyd’s along with Cabot’s first letter. This one I wanted to clear up to finally get rid of them so offered them £250 full and final settlement to close the account. I haven’t sent CCA as I’ve also been speaking with Lloyd’s they sent me my original agreement but I’ve been arguing about interest and they sent to Cabot (not been a priory to me this one due to figure) They sent this reply? It seems very vague? I am right in thinking this looks odd or has anybody received anything similar? I can confirm that a settlement arrangement is now in place on your account for a final payment of £250.00, payment to be received no later than the 30th March 2018 I can also confirm that once your account has been settled, Cabot Financial will not sell the remaining balance, nor will its agents or subsidiary companies take any further action to recover or enforce the debt. Please be advised that payment can be made via the following link https://www.cabotfinancial.co.uk/payment/validate or over the phone via Debit Card. If you are making payment direct to our bank account please allow for 2-3 days when making your payment. I have included our bank details below; Please be advised our banking details are as follows:“ Any advice much appreciated.
  8. Hi, Wow out of the blue letter from Cabot delivered today! They must be having a tidy up their end! States they cannot provide the CCA and the account is now on hold. However they are still at it claiming it still legally exists and will be in touch if the CCA is provided to them! Well I’ll sit and wait Many thanks to all on here!
  9. No Thanks, I understand what you are saying, I only have the mortgage, remaining on my file with 2 years before that drops off. Time to CCA the ones I haven’t. Many thanks
  10. Stopped paying all that failed CCA yes, didn’t send a CCA to two of them as they left me alone gave me chance to sort out my business and get life back on track, I should really send these 2 a CCA just don’t want to rattle their cage, I know I should and I will ASAP! In regards to lining their pockets i do understand I Just want it all dealt with and over feel I will never have my own house again at the moment and really want an end in sight, don’t want to keep having to dodge them and send new letters when debts sold on etc etc!!! I’d love to be able to come home after work and not be scared when I see a letter on the floor!!!
  11. Along time has passed and various debts have been resolved it’s time for me to make a decision on the remainder I can finally look to moving on and hopefully getting a mortgage again in the future. Bankruptcy is not an option for me due to my business! My remaining debts are as follows. Many have dropped off my credit file as I was in a previous joint IVA that failed when I divorced my ex partner. IVA Failed 2014. On Credit File - house repossessed 2014 Mortage Shortfall - Leeds Building Society £70,000 joint mortage- Requested SAR all appears above board - Offered Settlement of £7,000 to release me of liability they have accepted (seeking advice as to legalities of this) Not on credit file anymore are - Cabot - Egg - £6,860 CCA request ignored - last payment in IVA 2014 (Letter asking for balance to be addressed today, on advice I’m ignoring) Dryden Fairfax (max recovery) Hsbc and MBNA card £16,540 - last payment in IvA 2014 - £1 token payments being made as made the early mistake!! never sent CCA. Fredrickson International - capital one card £870 - CCA request not sent, £1 token payments made. All £1 payments made on the early Advice of StepChange. 4 other Debts now closed after CCA requests (thanks to this forum) letters filed confirming accounts now closed! A month ago I was speaking with Payplan and I have had an IVA proposal drawn up covering all these debts as I now have a surplus income I can put forward. However my parents have offered me £10k to try Clear all my debts! And start again. Obviously only if this puts an end to it all! But I’ve no idea what to do. Im wanting to move on and hopefully get a mortage again in the near future. So the mortage can possibly be settled, and I’m thinking of offering full and final settlements to the debts I have, or should I just opt for the IVA if accepted. At least then I know the liability to the joint mortage would legally be clear! In another two years my credit file would in theory be clear, obviously in an IVA id be waiting another 6 years??? I’d rather not opt for the IVA. I have no assets and currently renting. What are people general thoughts?
  12. Over 1 year has passed no response to CCA request sent January 2017 to Fedilite This received standard letter from Cabot Saying I still owe the money, so what now? Ignore? Can I just not a small Full and Final settlement offer or will that be admitting to the debt? They are never going away!
  13. Hi, A little update on this, Citizens Advice (after 2 days of investigating) and a conversation with The CML have all concluded I would no longer be liable for the debt provided I have this in writing. This would be full and final settlement of my liability not the full debt, it it entirely up to the Society if it decides to release one party or not. I approached my solicitor she believes the account would be closed anyway but if It wasn’t and it was taken to court the judge would be presented with my letter from Leeds Building Society and dismiss any claims! It’s a complete nightmare! Still very unsure!
  14. I agree, but not surprised, if settlement IS for both parties then I suppose so be it, but obviously I’d rather know. As you say the fact they say the account will be “left open” may be the case for a day or so until then closes fully for both parties!
  15. I see...... however the building society have stated the account WILL remain open and WILL chase my ex? This is only a Full and final settlement on my liability? Are they being clever and in fact closing the whole account? What I’m still struggling with is how can MY name be removed from the shortfall if the account remains open? Doesn’t matter if the society are saying they won’t chase me, if this is passed on to a debt collector surly with my name in the account I will still be chased?
  16. This is exactly what worries me? I cannot get any advice on the legalities of my release from the debt I’m going around in circles and really don’t know what to do next!
  17. Thanks Andy Not bothered about her liability to be fair, since the divorce she has been a nightmare and made no attempt to speak to or deal with the Building society, just want to be clear on my side and move forward, obviously have concerned on if the account is still open could they chase me again later and how moving forward it would effect me when applying for a mortage again! It’s just all so confusing!
  18. Dealing direct with Leeds Building Society at present. Recovery Department. I questioned the full and final acceptance offer and asked about my ex partners liability and how they would take me off the liability and there response was as follows! It is The Society who have made the decision to accept this reduced amount in settlement and upon receipt of cleared funds for the agreed amount, you would be provided with written confirmation from this office that you have no further personal liability to the account. The Society would no longer pursue you for any remaining balance. Please note that we are under no obligation to seek authorisation for this via courts or solicitors. Your credit file would be updated to show a zero balance via partial settlement. The mortgage account will remain open for the purposes of recovery collection from the other named party to the account. I trust this answers your queries. I review this after I questioned my ex partners liability after I offered payment. “It is The Society who have made the decision to accept this reduced amount in settlement and upon receipt of cleared funds for the agreed amount, you would be provided with written confirmation from this office that you have no further personal liability to the account. The Society would no longer pursue you for any remaining balance. Please note that we are under no obligation to seek authorisation for this via courts or solicitors. Your credit file would be updated to show a zero balance via partial settlement. The mortgage account will remain open for the purposes of recovery collection from the other named party to the account. I trust this answers yours questions.
  19. Hi, Sounds very similar! Was this a joint mortgage? Also if you don’t mind me asking what did you ask for to prove you were no longer liable and what did they send? Thanks
  20. Hi, Not been in here for a while, I’ve been fighting away with the mortage company for months getting no where then finally after speaking with Payplan and discussing my options I looked at Bankruoty and and Iva as soon as they were informed of this they have now agreed to settle my liability (joint mortage) Originally they asked for £20,000 (Shortfall was £69,876) this I couldn’t raise, however my parents agreed that they would lend me £7,000 as a full and final settlement offer. I put this forward and they have sent the following response to my offer. “I refer to our recent email correspondence and am pleased to advise that the Society agree to accept £7,000.00 as a discounted full and final settlement, which will release you from personal liability on the above mentioned account. This agreement is strictly subject to receipt of funds within 28 days from the date of this email. Payment can be made before this date but should payment not be received by this date, we reserve the right to seek recovery of the full amount outstanding. If you wish to discuss this matter further, please do not hesitate to contact me on Xxxxxxc I hope so much somebody on here can advise, is this possible, how do I ensure my name is removed from the debt? What do I need to ask for? Do they require a court order? They are obviously taking that as settlement on my liability or will they be taking this as settlement on the full debt (my ex wife is not making any payments or offer as she cannot afford anything) I’m so confused and worried I make the wrong decision, obviously if I can avoid the Iva/bankruptcy that would be preferable but I need to be clear after payment this debt is no longer mine has my name attached to it or is enforceable. Many thanks in advance.
  21. I take it you have read the message above from Leeds and Holbeck? I have spoken to the Financial Ombusman and they are calling me back on Tuesday regarding the offer they have made. Let’s see there View in the “written offer” from Leeds and Holbeck? They have spoken to my ex wife and the record of the last phone call to her shown in my SAR information is that she will go bankrupt or rather Leeds and Holbeck can file for her bankruptcy! I am if the understanding the £20k can and will only be a full and final settlement for the both of us! That’s how they will work it! Hence I really do need some proffesional advice from somebody local. Many thanks
  22. Bankruptcy isn’t really an option due to my business! I have a number of trade accounts and these would be affected. I Have considered the pros and cons and wouldn’t really be an option, I have moved on with a new family and 3 year old child and the impact may be more damage than the current situation however it may end up being the only option I have. My priority is to try sort this out and move forward as best I can. I understand your comments and thanks, a fresh start with bankruptcy may be the only option I have, however with no assets and currently renting a property nobody would benefit from sending my Bankrupt it would be a decision I would have to make. Thanks
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