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  1. Hi sorry 4 the late reply. update on the hearing dated 22 feb was that it was cancelled. Swift Advances have offered a settlement but we are going to counteroffer. Also Swift decided that by going to the hearing we are wasting court time and money so the case has gone straight to trial.
  2. thank you Martin will take a break until the SAR comes back then i will be back
  3. i do sort of agree because all solicitors that i have spoken to have said the case is too complex for them but no harm in still looking
  4. i hope so Martin am going to wait for SAR to come back and then try and get a barrister or solicitor and then start getting my defence ready
  5. UPDATE ON COURT HEARING THE JUDGE HAS ORDERED 1. By no later than 4pm on 27 January 2017 i the defendant must if they intend to defend claim further file/serve a defence and if appropriate counterclaim setting out clearly the charges which they dispute together with reasons and clarification of the legal basis for the dispute 2. No later than 4pm on 10th February 2017 the claimant shall if so adviced file/serve a response to counterclaim 3. Possession hearing date adjourned to 20 February 2017 ( if the issues between both parties cannot be determined then the hearing may be used to give directions Sofi
  6. thank you Determindator Had a lot of guidance and help and hopefully it should do the trick
  7. No i have not heard if i was granted a stay in proceedings as it was only submitted yesterday which is why i meed to attend tomorrow as for the SAR i have been advised to get further info such as if they paid commission and " Override" commission and they didn't tell you how much both were they will be in trouble. In fact ask them now ASAP if they paid commission and Over ride commission to Crystal Finance. You could do it all by sending Swift an SAR..........that is another way you can ask the court to stay the hearing next week as your SAR info will provide you with more evidence to fight them with and give the Court further insight into all matters theres lots of other things Martin such as they increased the interest rate 3 times when actually LIBOR from Dec 2006 to August 2007 yet they increased my interest on 20th Feb 2007 then... ........ from November 2007 LIBOR went down and down from 5.49% to 2.81% to September 2008. they increased your interest on 20th August 2007 then on 22 December 2008 they increased it again even though they had not reduced it at any time when it was going down, they increased it as soon as it went up again even though LIBOR was at least 2% lower that when your agreement started. by getting an SAR i will know more about my account apart from fees and charges We have absolute evidence and confirmation from the OFT that Swift did not include Eastern Counselling in their CC licence from 2004, and as they have used it since that is deemed to be a criminal offence under section 39 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and its subsequent amendments 2006. A claim can neither be pursued or defended against the background of an illegal act under the Doctrine of the Illegal Defence. Exactly and by doing so they committed a criminal offence...... .....Swift Advances Plc used Eastern Counselling to levy the fees and charge who then added them to your account ..... ..Unlawfully.
  8. No Martin i put an application in for a N244 requesting a stay of proceedings and stating out my reasons for that actually my mom died on 23rd october so i wasnt in a fit state of mind to do anything. i also sent for an SAR but have not heard anything as of yet
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