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  1. Hi thanks for your replies . Sorry I jumped the gun a bit . After he rang them later it was apparently their mistake and he will receive the remaining amount later this week . I was looking for a ' delete ' button too to delete my thread but unfortunately can't find one . Thanks again and sorry if I wasted anyone's time.
  2. My Son's JSA has just changed from Contribution Based to Income based but when he got his payment today instead of the usual £146.20 he only received £62 ( sorry can't remember the pence ) . I receive ESA Contribution Based in the Support Group . I also receive Enhanced PIP for mobility . Plus I have savings over £6,000 which the Housing Benefits know about because I send my Bank Statements in . It doesn't affect my ESA . My question is, although we are not a couple , does the fact that I have savings affect his Income Based JSA ? I can't think of any other reason why it has gone down to around £31 per week . He had no warning of this .
  3. Can someone please tell me how the Council Tax Benefits are worked out when a person earns more than usual for 1 month ? It used to be the case where they had to wait 2 consecutive months before making any changes to the benefit award . Is this still the case or has it changed ? Also if a person works for a full month but doesn’t get paid until the 15th of the following month do they go by the ‘ full months ‘ wage when working this out or do they work it out between the 15th of one month to the 15th of the next ? My Son who is a “ non-dependant “ forwards his wage slips every month to the benefits . In April he happened to earn more than usual and in May his wage went back to normal . I have just had a CT bill to pay more from the 1st April to the 5th June . Yes that’s right June, even though his wages went back to normal in the May & his top line was even less in the June. In fact the first 5 days of June he was only at work 1 night the other 4 were nights off . I tried ringing them about it and the woman on the other end said that they worked it out between 15th to the 15th , even though they have his Monthly wage slips which start on the first day of the Month to the last day . This still doesn’t make sense because this extra payment starts on the 1st April and not 15th . When I questioned this she hung up on me !!! I can’t seem to get an explanation from anyone. I’ve tried emailing with facts and figures and still no response . They don’t even send an extra sheet of paper anymore with the main bill explaining the new amount or the reason why . It seems to be a case of like it or lump it . Any help appreciated , thanks.
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