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  1. BG £54 Charges by DECEPTIONS NOT in my personal View; NOT 99.99% But it is a 100% FACT that; British Gas are using the MOST IMMORAL UNETHICAL DECEIVING Conducts to Obtain Money by DECEPTIONS from Members of the public, Especially the Vulnerable Ones OVER the LAST 4-5 YEARS; When their FORGERY Bills are Challenged. British Gas INSTRUCTS their 2 Offices, Name [removed] {Authorised Officer of British Gas} and [removed] {Authorised Officer of British Gas} to Launch their IMMORAL and UNETHICAL CONDUCTS; Under the ILLUSION of a Third Party Debit Collection Agent.. 1. [Removed]; Send NOTIFICATION Letters; which Each and Every Letter she sent is dated on THURSDAY which is before the WEEKEND! And she send the letters by 2nd Class mail. In her letter she advising customers to contact them to arrange payment and to AVOID £54 Charge for agent VISIT. 2. On Monday; and BEFORE the NOTIFICATION letter RECEIVED and/or EVEN probably REACHED to the Local Post Office. [Removed] {Authorised Officer of British Gas} send their Drivers to Drive around and DROP LETTERS and LETTER BOXES WITHOUT MAKING ANY CONTACT; and it is a 100% FACT that; British Gas charge £54 per Letter BEFORE their agent leave their Office to Deliver the letters; UNDER the ILLUSION a VISIT has been made and that is FACT. 3. It is FACT that; British Gas made FLAWED allegations that; this is carried out by a Third Party Agent and it has NOTHING to DO WITH BRITISH Gas; and the £54 Charges is Made by the Third Party which British Gas have to Pay them for it.. 4. It is FACT that; the Third Party CONFIRMED to me in writing that; The above 2 Officers ACTED UNDER the DIRECT INSTRUCTIONS of British Gas and the £54 Charges GOES to British Gas and NOT Richburns. ALL letter Header carried the LOGOS of BRITISH Gas and Richburns and NOT just a THIRD Party. Furthermore; On their Letters including the Final letters dated 17 Aug 2017 and 21 Aug 2017; It stated that{ Consumer Credit Licence Number 643197} It is FACT that; The FCA Financial Conduct Authorities CONFIRMED to me that; the above Licence 643197 was PROVOKED on 31.5.2015 !!!!
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