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  1. Hi Silverfox1961 I was just reading another thread from a 17 years caught shoplifting and I saw your reply, you mentioned that the letter I referred to was sent to us as parents, I apologise if I have caused any confusion by not staring that the letter was addressed to our 16 year old. Should she reply as you have suggested to the other case? Many thanks in advance (again huge thanks to everyone who has helped / sorted letters etc )
  2. Ok, so with all of the replies I am now calmer about the whole thing and able to think through logically........ RLP's demands are a bit like someone saying she's had goods or services and just sending an invoice for what they believe she owes, if there is nothing to invoice (which in this case there is not, no goods lost and security were there anyway?) the onus is on them to prove differently and they would have to go to court, which they would have to win and she would have to then not pay.....surely only then they could send it to bailiffs, why would they send it to bailiffs before that? And I do get that if there were no shoplifters there would be no need for security but I'm sure that by now this is just an included cost that we pay for each time we shop. Re DBS (were CRB checks) guessing they do not affect these checks if these people have no authority, but would like to be sure, could anyone just let me know about that.......promise not to keep asking questions!! Thank you silverfox1961....that was one of my questions, I wondered if when she hits 18 they would try again. And thank you antone for the post about where to find the stickies.....makes perfect sense now as in they stick to the top of the threads........you must all despair...
  3. Thank you all so much for your replies and advice. Silverfox1961 I will post any new letters (I hope she doesn't hide them from me as she did with this one until I asked if anything had arrived...) Thank you all for the help, a donation to this site very worth while...keep up the great work x
  4. dk100uk please excuse the rubbish photos of the letter, my scanner was playing up..... Getting a very clear picture here that the only change is to completely ignore them and not engage with them even with a one liner....... Going to have to sit tight then Thank you for helping, guessing this won't come up in any future DBS checks then? Any further reassurance welcome I'm a real stress bucket.... Thank you....will update
  5. Help....worried sick mum here....and a newbie to this site, please tell me if I've forgotten anything on this post..... My daughter (age 16) was really stupid in July and tried to shoplift from Boots, she was stopped (thankfully - believe me lesson learnt - why does it always have to be the hard way?), the police were called who in turn called us. They had a 'discussion' with my very distraught daughter in front of me but said they wouldn't charge her and that this would be the end of the matter (before I got there they had already tried to calm her down telling here there would be no further action as she was falling to pieces).... As soon as the police left the security guard said that RLP would be making a claim (he didn't mention this once when the police were saying that there would be no further action taken and waited for them to leave), he pulled out a piece of paperwork and worked out what the amount would be (the goods taken were under 19.99, undamaged and recovered), so it was about £130.00. That evening I looked on your site and discovered the delights of RLP's reputation and waited for the letter. It has now arrived.... The amount they claim she attempted to take is way more than reality therefore the compensation cost has gone up (I believe they are set in brackets of value?). They have written a letter in a very 'you need to take responsibility for what you did' naughty girl way (believe me the police and we have utterly made sure she has taken responsibility) The letter is very much worded aimed at a juvenile, my guess is they got rapped on the knuckles for sending out scary letters to minors??? Otherwise the rest of it is pretty much what others have said in the past that they got from RLP, the problem though is that I can't find any recent threads. . is the advice still the same as in, write to them and say 'any liability to you or any company that you represent is denied' or have things changed? She would pay it off (slowly - she earns a pittance), I n fact she says that's what she deserves for being so stupid and disrespectful but I am worried that if she does it could show on a DBS check which she needs for work as well as me really being disgusted with the underhand way in which they dealt with this.. .(make no mistake I am totally disgusted at what my daughter did in the first place - just felt I needed to clarify that)
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