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  1. thanks for all your advice and help I will keep you posted when I get more harassment. Cheers
  2. I think I joined in april last year, this was paid in full. when they then said I had to give three months notice, I decided that the only way I could pay the money monthly would have the be off peak which was still £52 per month, and not at all suited to the hours I would want to use the gym I paid for the first of the three months but have two outstanding payment and an added charge from theif debt collectors. I last used the gym in the first added month of my " notice period " . also my contract isn't being renewed as they are expecting me to go in to a rolling con
  3. no it wasn't at all explained to me that it would go in to a rolling contract, and I also read that if the circumstances change, which in this case they do because I am being asked to pay £70 a month that I shouldn't be bullied in to paying them. I will come back if they send me any further letters. Thanks
  4. Thanks for your reply. So you would agree that I don't have to pay any of the outstandind money? Cheers.
  5. Hi guys, I signed up to David Lloyds gym in York aprox 16 months ago where I paid upfront, a sum of around £550, the reason I paid up from was because I was 23 at the time and if I was to pay monthly, when I turned 24 ( half way through the membership ) the monthly price would of increased from around £45 to £70 so it made sense to pay it up front. I was wrong to assume that after the year was up my contract would be ended. They said I needed to give a three months notice period to leave the gym?? even though I paid a year up front. I spoke to them to see what wo
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