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  1. Hi just a quick question? having gone through a mountain of paperwork of her's there are documents from people like London Personal Loans Ltd/Central Trust Plc and Money Partner loans Ltd. Should I SAR all of them and does it matter that they are from 2003-2005 ?
  2. Thank you dx, am I right in thinking that SPML and Capstone are the same people ? Many thanks
  3. Hi I was just wondering if I could get some advise please for my mother. I will try to explain best that I can, so here goes, I recently found out that my mother currently has an interest only mortgage of £102k from Accord Mortgages, the problem is that back in 2003 she purchased her council house for £28K in which she had a mortgage of £34k from a company called SPML. Now somewhere in between 2003 and 2006 (when she moved to Accord) her mortgage has obviously tripled in size. Getting information from her about where the money has gone is like getting blood from a stone. The o
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