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  1. The Shoprider Vienna is totally unsuitable for this lady. She lives in the countryside and needs a chair suitable for roads and/or rough terrain such as bridleways etc as well as suitable for indoor use. I would suggest a Sunrise Medical Quickie Salsa M with Jay seating for support and comfort. VERY good chair all round and will eat up rough terrain quite happily. VERY easy to turn in its own length and they are modular so you can have leg hangers or footplate, electric seat riser, electric seat tilt, electric recline - bear in mind you can only have 2 actuators, so you could have electric riser and recline, but not tilt or electric tildt and recline but not riser etc. Seating, actuators etc can be added later as required. They do two speeds. Either 4mph or 6mph. The 6mph version (178rpm motors) can be fitted with lights making it road legal. New they are silly expensive. Used anything for £200 up depending on luck and how far you will travel. Before you decide be aware that no matter what anyone says, you will NOT be able to pick one of those up with a couple of stong blokes and pop in the boot of a car. You will need a good size car (people carrier type) and the ONLY safe option for loading would be a 4 way hoist, many made but get a 4 way and not 2 way and get 150kg version and nothing less. You can load using portable ramps, but I strongly advise against this because it is extremel;y easy to power the chair over the edge and you do not want one landing on a leg! Forget all about scooters. If you struggle to squeeze and steer you need a joystick and none can be fitted to a scooter without huge mechanical changes for actualtors to steer. Trust me on this. Don't go by my user name. I really know what I am talking about when it comes to these things. Feel free to PM me. If I can help in any way I will - NO I will not take a penny from you either, if I can help just shout.
  2. And, the salesman that said he could adapt a scooter to use one handed was trying to rip you off. They ALL can be operated with one hand. Every single one made can be used with either the left or the right hand or both. So shop somewhere else. Trust me, in this department I am an expert.
  3. Aha. I was in that many, many, many years ago. I left the RAF in 1982. It was in the museum at Cosford last I saw of it. Wonderful bit of engineering that should never have been shelved. Funny world. You get old and your eyesight starts to go, but the outline still gives it away. Can still identify most aircarft by the silhouette. Made my day.
  4. Thanks again OC ps, I can't see well enough but is that TSR2 in your avatar?
  5. Hi OC. thanks for your reply too. Fixed 12 month contract. They are claiming that because I am no longer paying by DD (which I happily was until they started lying to me and I was in credit too much), I am now on their 'cash and cheque' rate. I don't pay by either. They tell me there is a bill and I pay online via their own website. So, no real explanation of why I must now pay more.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I am not sure what the second line means. If they increased the price without telliing me then surely that is breach of contract anyway. But in addition to that, even if they forwarned me of an increase, I was of the belief that if they increase prices during a fioxed contract you could leave without penalty.
  7. I am not in the building trade HB. I only commented because I was amused by the ''draft'' comment when talking about windows - designed to keep out drafts.
  8. Ok. Let me try and be brief but also give you all the relevant stuff. Switched to EDF last November. Gave them the readings, which they got wrong 5 times. Eventually correcting them in February. Paying by direct debit. Also applied for warmer home discount and was assured by their chat service it was all sorted and would be applied around March. March came and nothing, told April. April told May. June 1 and I aksed again to be told there was no record of my application thus I would not get it. When I said I had a print out of the transcript in which they confirmed it was all fine, they backtracked and decided that as I had not provided a phone number they could not complete the application - I am deaf so do not use the phone. I stopped the direct debit as with the £140 discount I should have received, I would be in credit a fair old way. And also I regarded them as in breach of contract for failing to do what they said they would on multiple occasions and lying. When I got a manager to read the transcript they agreed as a ''gesture of goodwill'' to credit my account with £140, so that in effect was resolved. But I was still in credit. This week I got an email saying my new bill was ready, so logged on and saw it. The rates I am now charged have increased. I asked via their chat today (another 40 minutes wasted) why these had increased. I was told I would have been sent an email, but then they backtracked to say that a maessage was left on my account. How would I know????? Anyway, they have increased my rates so I want to leave. They tell me I cannot without paying 2 x £25 fees for ending contract early. Correct me if I am wrong, but as they have increased my charges I can leave without panalty. So, can I leave without penalty??
  9. That last post made me laugh. ''Draft'' a letter. brrrrrrrr......
  10. I couldn't agree more! Use of mobile as a phone when driving should be instant ban for 12 months. 2nd offence, 5 year ban. 3rd offence, jail. Use of phone to text when driving should be 5 year ban 1st offence unless a collision is involved, in which case 12 months minimum in jail. I cannot stress enough here that texting when driving is significantly more dangerous than driving drunk. When drunk, people generally are trying hard to drive well even if not successfully. Texting drivers are concentrating on texting and not on driving. I see this every day and I do mean every single day. I have shouted across at other drivers when stationary in traffic to put their phone down and have many times been told to foxtrot oscar. The problem is they do it because they are very, very unlikely to get caught. They do not think for a moment that they might kill someone!
  11. Until DVLA actually make a decision, there is nothing you can do at all. If at that point the approve you to drive, all good and well. If they refuse permission you can THEN appeal etc.
  12. No they cannot alter a written contract in any way without both parties agreeing and signing to confirm approval of any alteration. They are in breach of contract. You can force them legally to comply with the original contract or you can terminate the contract and demand a full refund of the deposit.
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