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  1. no loan only ordinary bank account will look at file when wifes home this is bringing bad feelings between me and the missis as most of her things are prior to beginning of marriage and i am the one who will end paying thanks dx will look upp later just googled the code first 6 are santandare branch the last 8 no clue looked at noodle nought for santa account???? the first 6 are sort code last 8 account code
  2. to be honest i didnt know that you could not request for overdrafts as it didnt say overdraft i read if it was 14 numbers that means overdraft got it all wrong again:sad: but if it was defaulted in 2011 then they might be statue b just looked again on papers there is an account number would this be diffrent to the actual account
  3. I think these are both overdraft according to my present bank i have been with them for 7 yrs so they could be 7 yrs old both are my wifes and as far as she can remember one was for 2 p overdraft and the other was 19p so it is obvious they have added charges to these I did send santy a letter requesting the information about these but they did not reply robbin have even said the following when i asked them for explanation and stated as follows in feb 17 please note we have yet to receive a response from the original creditor this note is to let you know we are continuing to seek an update and we will let you know the response as soon as poss. action on your account has temp stopped whilst we await an response thank you for your patience. served them both with cca on 4 april reply came back awaiting a response from the original creditor and your account is on hold
  4. does that mean i buggered it up:|
  5. just found a letter which I knew was somewhere regarding amount due to Santander Thank you for recent contact. Please be adviced Robbinsons way is servicing the above account on behalf of hoist p holdings 2 ltd who purchased this account from Santander . Notice of assigment sent dec 2014 account defaulted 25 may 2011 second account same as above diffrent account notice of assigment sent out on nov 2014 defaulted 17 march 2011 I have sent them a cca for both the reply was as follows the accounts were put on hold temp pending recipt of this document we will contact you in due course question if the default was as state then one is statue barred the other will be am i right in this thanks
  6. thanks for that have seen a couple of goood one already thanks dx
  7. just had nediation on phone line confirmed i was willing to mediate but had not enough documentation for mediation nice lady said it will be transfered to local court will have to write witness statment next any thing i should be looking out for now thanks
  8. e mailed back to day and giving time to phone it was not long they were phoning my wife has nominated me to liase with them but they wanted her to give the verbal ok phonjng tommorow to give this
  9. well email came from meditation asking three questions meditation paper work and date as i have read yes to all until they phone up then no to paper work
  10. letter back from them today saying they were putting my account on hold for a month to see if our situation gets better thearetically theres no chance of that
  11. no same address however given out last address as well found the account number sent it to my daughter via e mail sent back signed
  12. thanks slick what i have done is typed the date and my wife has overwritten on it so it cant be copied should be allright what any one reckon
  13. just looking at the court papers sent to me does this look strange agreement later assigned to the claimant on 19/06/14 and notice given to defendant however on the copy from lowlife according to them from orange we give notice of assigment dated 10 july 2014 should there a copy of this been handed on my sar regarding this meditation form agree yes to meditation however there is another paper that states as follows please consider the following statments for meditation to be succesfull there needs to be some flexibility from all parties and willingness to listen and consider each others position.can you agree to this yes or no i can confirm that i have enough information about the claim to allow me to enter into negotiations they have not complied with cpr and therefore what do i say on this regarding the last paragraph should read can you not i can
  14. as i understand fro one of the other threads that you acessing as a person and your name and adress plus previous address is enough am i correct in this
  15. question on sar as my wife is away in my daughters and i cannot in hell get her on phone i cannot recall the account number as I have read that you are requesting as a person so they should be able to process this am i right dont want to wait till next week to send it so want it sent tommorow when my irons still hot thanls
  16. thanks for that i am drafting a letter for sar at this moment from the template libary and when i recieve sar will be looking for assistance how and which way to reclaim these thanks all for help
  17. thats my point i didnt know you could put birthdays and so forth are these a part of your allowance
  18. i will play by ear i was going to fill their online form but really i have been as honest as can and i am suprised that we are struggling i was thinking of sending national debtline ie instead of their
  19. dx not been funny but my mind was the same as yours sar barclays see what the moths bring out keep you informed and no employees detail if they persist then i will ask them to obtain court order
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