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  1. update from FOS they have sent me a letter stating that they have had so many people who are quoting the 3 year period that they are looking at cases to see if the arguments are justified in following the complaint its just a matter of waiting however if they do pass that they must pay then this will open the flood gate for so many people who have been treated wrongly thanks
  2. e mail from FOS investigator he is now in receipt of my files and will investigate further however from lowlife asking if i was willing to make an early reduced payment this letter is now in the drawer
  3. had another request from capp iasking for me to consider paying will upload asap thinking of taking legal action when they have already done so in july still waiting for response also enclosed income and expenditure sheet capquest doc 1 00.pdf
  4. well iI was wondering what was happening with this claim and was in 2 minds to ask county court for update but said leave it as it is However today had recieved a letter from capquest regarding claim noted that they said that the copy of assigment was enclosed I cant find it in the envelope I know from experience what the answer will be (Let Them stew) enclosed copy of letter from Cappie capquest doc 1 001pdf.pdf
  5. Reply from fos provi wont let fos look at the loans as it is over 6 years and they dont keep documents for longer than 6 years however, told fos that provi have supplied me with accounts which span for 9 years and that also they shouldn't need to talk to their agent regarding my credit search as they should have done this themselves fos came back stating that they will look at the paperwork again and contact provi Might not get me anything but its another official complaint against provi when they wont want anymore
  6. letter from robbers today they have sent the account to their client and have closed their file as far as they are concerned thanks once again
  7. just had a letter from FOS they are writing to provi requiring them to supply all the documents they have
  8. just had a letter from robin may apparently this is for an unauthorised overdraft from27/11/09 il post letter and page containing intrests later this is the paper santy scan 001.pdf
  9. looking at other threads on the web fos have considered dates later than 6yearsold
  10. have sent the form to FOS asking to look at my complaint if they will is another matter however without trying you wont know
  11. thanks dx I am going to write to provi again asking to reconsider the complaint also will add some extra information Il put it up here first
  12. just read on another forum the six plus 3 year rule anyone know about this???
  13. from FOS Hi As the firm will not accept a complaint from you on this matter then the Financial Ombudsman Service will not have jurisdiction to take a complaint from you. That would leave you with seeking out your own independent legal advice on this matter. The Citizens Advice Bureau provide some legal guidance and may be able to provide you with some guidance on your next steps legally. can Andy englighten us on this one???
  14. therefore dx what your reccomendation send it to FOS or wait to see wgat they come back to me with their response the fos I mean because it is not miss selling it is iresponsible lending
  15. looks like they are trying the ppi miss sold one but this is neither this is irresponsible lending I have e mail FOS saying this was irresponsible lending and have stated that they will not consider it and I think FOS are interested in this claim due to the ongoing issue with provi we will wait to see what FOS comes up with thanks DX Thank you for your email to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). I understand that you are looking to make a complaint to Provident about irresponsible lending and the firm have rejected this on the basis that it is more than six years ago. You want to understand if the six years is from inception or six years after the last payment was made. FCA Rules DISP 1.8 Complaints time barring rule If a respondent receives a complaint which is outside the time limits for referral to the Financial Ombudsman Service it may reject the complaint without considering the merits, but must explain this to the complainant in a final response in accordance with DISP 1.6.2R. The complaints handling rules set time limits for consumers to refer complaints to the Ombudsman. After these time limits have expired, the Ombudsman will need the firms consent to look into a complaint. Generally, these time limits are: six months from the business sending the consumer a final response; and six years from the event the consumer is complaining about (or three years from when the consumer knew, or could reasonably have known, they had cause to complaint). Accordingly the rules do not specify whether the period begins from inception or from the date of the last payment as you are asking, rather from when you knew or could have reasonably known. If you are complaining about mis-selling then the mis-selling would have occurred at the beginning of the term of the contract and not at the date of the last payment. I hope this information has been helpful.
  16. i have sent an e mail to foc and they are very interested in what provi have said
  17. another letter from lowlife yesterday regarding the account any advice regarding this seems like a normal letter 1 thing i did notice provi have not supplied me with copies of the terms of agreement in my sar this is the letter lprov1.pdf
  18. good I hope it will help other families which are struggling to pay these sharks
  19. its not the priciple of not paying we intend to paydx its doent seem right for someone to put your signature on a document
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