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  1. Thank you! I won't stop 'holding my breathe' just yet but, your advice helps x
  2. I certainly hope sound that I've not realised what a complete moron I am too late!
  3. Fingers crossed and certainly won't be doing it again but, if they do come here I suppose it's my overdue commupence for being an utter pillock when I didn't even need to be! Thank you for you advice and reassurance. Guess I will just have to wait and see
  4. Yes, there is a thread a few down about a lady accused from boots, and I've read a few others x
  5. So why do some people end up with police turning up at their houses days/weeks after thinking they have gotten away with it? X
  6. I'm just concerned that they had gone into trace my address using my club card details x
  7. Have I potentially made it worse? what was meant to put my mind at ease has just made me feel more uneasy. .. I decided to go to said shopping centre today as I've actually lost my purse and my boots card was at the police station! I first went to the police station and collected my card... No issue and they had previously contacted me about it so had my details. Then I went to monsoon and inquired after my purse.. . Fine then boots to check what was left on my card at which point my daughter asked for a drink paid for it on my points card. As we walked out she then said she was hungry so went back in again and got some food again paying on boots card. As we walked through the exit two police officers walked directly towards me (heart failure!) and then passed me! I then had a few other bits to do and walked back through the shopping centre. Asked a member of security about my purse who radio'd through and apologised but it hasn't been handed in and the proceeded to leave and go to tesco's. The policemen scared me witless and am now paranoid that they were going into boots as I'd used my bank card x Club card even x
  8. It's taken me since Saturday to work out how to write a thread so that's a bit of an ambitious ask But, there was a woman over a mascara from boots, another over a child's cost from tesco' s and a girl over some shopping in I think Sainsbury's who received a phone call! Plus a few from years a go! I really appreciate all your advice and I suppose my just going to have to be honest and just face what comes at me if it does x
  9. My main concern is that they come in front of my children as my eldest will think it's great and tell everyone and anyone!! Ok I am being selfish again...
  10. I meant the superdrug aspect of it (where I actually did take the item and wasn't stopped). Sorry I'm being a pain in the backside it's just that I've spent the sleepless nights trawling every post on here and was surprised as the number of people that have had the police turn up at their houses weeks after! Hence the constant fear?
  11. Thank you and I truly have... Or I will be seeking that "kick up the backside"! I'm just unbelievably anxious having read some of the threads on here. Thank you for not judging me as harshly as I deserve x
  12. I've only ever been stopped by a security guard over the boots situation last year and got off a hell of a lot lighter than I should have. (I wasn't stopped last week and haven't been previously) Potentially, as I proved I had the money and offered to pay for the goods or whatever fine on the spot and was utterly devastated (although 'apparently' not enough for my own good!) Thank you all again
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