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  1. So I've had my car checked out. Garage reckons there are no MOT failing faults. However the work that was done in the last MOT seems to have been a botched job. Rear anti roll bar is second hand and insulation tape as been used to pad out the bushes to reduce play. Whole lot needs to be replaced... and adding 2 new tyres on top of that as well as Air con needs fixing..
  2. I read it while looking for a solution on the Mazda Forums, a few people with the same error code stated that it was a legal requirement, so I didn't read anything official that said it was. It's not the only issue with the car, but in my eyes it was the most serious as from all the information I'd read I was under the impression i'd end up needing to spend a lot of money if it was an MOT failure and was worried I was driving around a car on a dodgy MOT, I would have only considered Rejection if i'd been mislead But these responses have opened my eyes a bit so I'm a bit clearer / wis
  3. Thanks for the response. IF a car has Xenon lights then it is apparently a legal requirement that they have functioning auto leveling as well as headlight washers from what i've read. I took his word about the MOT because I checked the online MOT History of the car before I bought it. The previous MOT failed and the reasons he told me matched the history and certificate in the paperwork. The current MOT only had an advisory for worn tyre. If sold as Seen means nothing in the UK, does this mean I'd be able to take it back for a refund if it turns out to be an issue?
  4. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone can offer any advice on what to do with my situation. On 11th Sept 2016 I bought a used car from a dealer for £1.9k (I got £100 knocked off for a ripped wall in tyre). The car runs fine and starts every time. It's worth noting that the car was part ex to clear and sold as seen with no warranty (I wasn't made aware it was sold as seen until the deal). I noticed when I was driving it home that it gets shakey from 60mph onwards but doesn't feed back through the steering. Also there is a rattle from the back that I'm trying to get to the bottom of.
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