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  1. Ah sorry haha, tbh it is something I would do but I tend to take my car to a main dealer so they send me enough emails/texts that it's impossible to forget
  2. I spoke to the manager today and he was pretty unhelpful. He told me that it apparently wasn't a "big deal" as it wasn't a really new car although it is only four years old and he offered no sort of compensation. Instead he said he would offer me a "fair" trade in price for it but I would not be open to a trade and would rather spend the time getting a good price selling privately as I have previously been screwed over trading in a car. After the phone call I sought more advice and sent him an email saying I would want him to buy the car back at a price I could get selling privately after I
  3. Cheers I really appreciate your help, i'll let you know how I get on tomorrow with them.
  4. Cheers I really appreciate your help, i'll let you know how I get on tomorrow with them.
  5. Thanks for the response, I paid £8700 including a p/x does that make any difference to how I would proceed?
  6. Yeah it doesn't the garage had just contacted her as a last resort to see about getting a copy. I didnt mean it to sound like I was blaming the last owner nine if this is her fault. And thanks for your advice
  7. Yeah I completely understand someone forgetting where they have their car serviced. My issue is with the garage not the previous owner.
  8. Hi all, first time poster looking for some advice. I bought a used Vauxhall Astra GTC last year from Taggarts and all seemed well until I brought it home and found the service history was missing. I contacted the garage and was told it was still at the garage and would be posted out to me. Weeks went by and I never got my hands on the service history and when I contacted again I was told it was lost but that a copy could be gained from the vauxhall database. Frequent messages continued for months before I eventually complained last month and I received a reply from the manager that the servi
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