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  1. You made me laugh! My nieces always left a plate of cookies but this year they wanted to do something a bit posher - they're making this Christmas snowglobe cookie jar they found online. Kept them entertained while I babysat, I have no complaints! My brother is wondering if he should just take the cookies and leave the jar, or take that as well...
  2. Ok, thanks for your advice Your sage words have filled me with confidence! (and I love your elephant, she's hypnotic!)
  3. Any idea how long that will be? Most of my savings are in Santandar's 123 so I'm getting good interest, but I don't want to have to rent for a few years before buying. As I mentioned, buying on paper is an option - but then I'd still be paying rent... why can't life be simple?!!!
  4. True - thanks for this. The problem is that I don't quite have enough yet, because of the fall of the sterling. Buying on paper is quite a popular option, as it's quite a bit cheaper, but it also means that I would have to pay rent as well as mortgage until it's built. Part of me is saying - go for it, you'll figure out where the money is coming from - and part of me want to hold back, waiting until I have a bit more saved up. On the bright side, I got a raise today!! I'm celebrating!!!
  5. I am actually thinking about moving abroad - the company I work for has an office in Israel, I speak the language... but all my savings are in sterling! Before the Brexit vote, I almost had enough money. Now, when I convert it to shekel, I get 20% less. I have very little understanding of the market at all, economics are NOT my strong point. Or even a point at all. So should I convert it and buy something smaller, or keep saving and risk my savings being worth even less... I don't know!
  6. I've been saving up for a good few years now, I almost had enough to afford the down payment on a house, but now with this inflation... looks like we'll still be renting for a while I'm quite clueless in this area though, not sure how to figure out what's best to do. Is it likely at all that the sterling will go up again within the next few years, or should I just accept the inflation and take out a mortgage? I can't help feeling I was just born a few years too late!
  7. I also received this letter, it said that if I don't do it online then I'll get the money within 45 days - so I don't need to take any action whatsoever? Just want to confirm, thanks
  8. Wow, just read through this thread - what a journey! I wish you much luck with it all. I had something similar but on a much smaller scale where my brother took out some payday loans when he turned 18, but panicked when he had to repay them I had the spare cash so I repaid them and he spent the next three years paying me back. He learnt his lesson alright!
  9. I only shampoo once a week now, my hair's just fine like that. Stopped using conditioner a few years ago. Maybe one day I'll switch to your bicarb solution
  10. Thanks for the update, I'm happy you've had some positive response. Good luck, and stay strong! Interesting, I never knew that. Makes sense, I guess. Although it won't help inapickle
  11. I disagree. There are plenty of people who use payday loans responsibly, recognising them as a cheaper alternative to unauthorised overdraft. We only hear about the one who mis-use them and get burned, which is why payday lenders are meant to institute stiff affordability tests and credit checks, to weed them out. Most payday lenders only lend to 5% of the people who apply - I wouldn't call that eager to prey on people who won't be able to repay. True, many people who borrow are unaware of the risks, not on top of their spending, and are just hoping they'll be able to repay rather than fit it into their budget. In that case, financial education should be the key. Why is gambling legal? There are plenty of stories of people who lost everything, and even committed suicide, because of gambling. There's zero benefit to it, people generally lose more than they win. Why are payday loans bashed more than gambling? (again, I'm not pro-payday loans, just not completely against them either - trying to be objective!)
  12. Well spotted! I think payday loans are a useful product if they are used correctly (cheaper than unauthorized overdraft!) but they are so easy for people to mis-use. These people borrow irresponsibly, can't repay, and make a whole fuss about being charged a lot! Don't get me wrong, I'm not pro-payday loans, and there definitely are some lenders out there who are very unfair, but if people would check the terms and ensure they can meet the repayments before they sign up, a lot of the problems with payday loans would disappear.
  13. Actually, it's one of the FCA's regulations (it's not letting me post the link but it's on the fca website, here: /news/press-releases/fca-confirms-price-cap-rules-payday-lenders) "Total cost cap of 100% - Protects borrowers from escalating debts. Borrowers must never have to pay back more in fees and interest than the amount borrowed."
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