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  1. Thanks for re-opening the thread. We have received a letter today from Arrow stating that a company called resolve call are dealing with this - and that they may come to our home. Can we just send resolve call some kind of letter telling them to foxtrot oscar in legal terms? This matter was stayed by the court in 2016/17 ish and would have been statute barred in 2016 had they not issued the CC Claim.
  2. Thanks I may try to see if i am able to raise a decent lump sum for a one off full and final payment but at a bigger discount. After all they are a business - and they may be willing to take a lower amount now - that still gives them a profit - rather than wait till we sell the house - which we have no plans to do. The 30% off is a significant chunk of cash - but will depend on repayment terms etc. Food for thought though. Thanks for your input.
  3. Hi dx Yes it is a Blackhorse one. It shows on land registry as a charge against the property. The house is jointly owned - but the agreement was also in joint names (B/H made us put it in both names). However, it is also a shared ownership property. We own half and a housing association the other half. It's now owned by someone called ME III Limited.
  4. Hi I am just looking for a bit of advice and if there is anything i need to be wary of in regards to an old charging order. The CO itself goes back to 2011 and has been assigned different companies along the way. The current creditor, via mortimer clarke has made an offer to reduce the amount by approx. 30% if we can come to a payment arrangement. They state that they will provide us with a letter on completion of the payment plan stating that the debt has been discharged. My questions are: Can they be trusted and should i get more guarantees before progressing? Would i be responsible for getting the charging order removed once the debt is paid off? and what costs, evidence etc. will i need for this Also - is there anything i should be wary of? Thanks
  5. Surely it must be an abuse of the court system to make a claim weeks before something is due to become statute barred and then take no action - leaving the claim stayed - but to continue to chase the alleged debt. Is there at any point where we can just say this is statute barred or have the claim struck out?
  6. Thanks is there someone we can complain to about Arrow - surely they can't abuse the court system in this manner?
  7. Well - they are back - again! This would have been statute barred late 2016 - early 2017 had arrow not issued a court claim. To date there has still been no hearing. We now have a company called resolve call coming round the house in relation to this claim - looking for money on behalf of Arrow Global. How do we get rid of resolve call? And can we complain against Arrow for dragging this on - for over 5 years?
  8. So best to ignore their threat if we dont reply by the date given? The other thing with this is - if they hadn't made the original claim back in 2016 - this would have been stat barred in early 2017. Is there anything we can do or someone we can complain too?
  9. Well they are back again. Court did confirm that the case was still stayed - but we have now recieved the attached. This time they have included a copy of a template of a default notice, which surely can't be compliant? Any advice on next steps? Arrow.pdf Arrow Default Notice.pdf
  10. Hi Again We received the attached from the Court yesterday. My first thoughts were??? They still haven't told us if an application to lift the stay was ever made or has been granted. We have received no paperwork if they have done so - should we have received something? Would it be worth us emailing the Court, so at least there is some detail and paper trail, as after the telephone conversation i am not sure the correct message was passed on. img20190509_19024579.pdf
  11. This was the result of a CCJ The house is jointly owned, but the loan was in both names (at the insistence of Black Horse). The house is also a shared ownership property, so we own half of it and a housing association owns the other half.
  12. Hi Just a question on an old charging order - if anyone can give us some advice on it's current standing. Charging order was taken out by Black Horse - back in 2011. Since then the account has been sold twice - neither of the last two companies have mentioned the CO in correspondence they've sent. I have recently checked with Land Registry on another unrelated matter - and it still shows as Black Horse as the company responsible for the CO.. Question is - now that Black Horse no longer own the account, and that the debt has been sold twice - what is the status of the charging order? Second question is: if we was the sell the property - what would happen given that Black Horse no longer own the debt?
  13. Just a query - do you still have the original Notice of Assignment from HFO? If it was assigned to HFO Capital Ltd (Dublin) let me know the date. They purchased a load of debt before they had a credit licence - which is a criminal offence. We beat HFO a few years ago with this issue. But the date is key.
  14. Just an update after speaking to the Court. In short it seems to have been a bit of a Court error - and we are now waiting for further news. But what we do know for sure is that there has been no application for a lifting of the stay - and the Court tell us that if Arrow wish to apply they need to make an application and payment. Basics are that Arrow notified the CBCC that they were replacing Shoosmiths as solicitors and taking it in house. CBCC then transferred it to our local Court as a defended claim - and as such it was put before a Judge. It appears that the Judge was not made aware of the fact that this case had previously been stayed. The Court office tells us that they are now going to put the case back in front of the Judge, but with all the facts of the case to date. So it's a bit of a wait and see what transpires.
  15. Well we certainly never received a copy of, or any notification for, an application to lift the stay. We have not filed a directions questionnaire and again was not sent one to complete? I think we best ring the Court to find out what is going on. Arrow have still not provided a default notice - could we go for a strike out?
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